Monday, April 2, 2012

53 Reasons Why I Can't Make My Dogs Homemade Peanut Butter Treats

  1. Peanut butter is my favorite.

    But I love it more.

  2. Pictures of peanut butter, like the ones in *these* quality dog treat recipes (which are permanently etched in my memory) from the blogs, Kol's Notes here, and Talking Dogs here, make me ravenous for peanut butter treats.

    You are mean and cruel for sticking this in my face for a photo. Now give me some salmon.

  3. I think treats taste better with sugar and butter in them.
  4. So I make my peanut butter treats using this, more appropriate (to me), cookie recipe.
    Which (yesterday, when I baked them oops) yielded the remaining 49 reasons...

Not fit for canine consumption.
Of which - after my brood found them - there are only 11 left. Oops and ahem. 


Have you ever eaten (or added sugar and butter to) your pet's homemade treats?   hehe

P.S. Georgia Little Pea, if you're reading this, I already know about Your Typist. :)


  1. Very timely. Caeden found a whole stick of butter (I might point out that it was ON the table and IN a butter dish....and ate it. I have to be away tomorrow (for the Holy Tuesday renewal of vows at the Cathedral) and I pity the fool who has to clean up after that butter slides out the other end.

  2. Haaa!
    My mom told me she is going to make pb cookies for me tomorrow!
    Thankfully she does not like pb!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. I think I would finish them before Zeus even gets a sniff at them !

  4. I can honestly say, I rarely, if ever, make special treats for my dogs. If I am going to put in the effort, it goes toward something I can eat too! Though, sometimes, I will make something that we can share. Luckily, my dogs are about equally happy with zucchini trimmings as with fancy homemade treats.

  5. LOL, first, thanks for the shout out. That recipe you linked to? It actually converts to a human recipe. I make a double batch. Roll out the dogs treats, then add butter, sugar and a little regular wheat flour to it to make the human ones. And some of our other "dog treat" recipes? Like our PB & Banana bread? I make one loaf for the dogs, then stir in a load of chocolate chips and make a second loaf for myself. Of course, I don't have any tiny human to eat my treats.

    This post had me giggling! I hope you'll link it up to our Tasty Tuesday blog hop!

  6. Jimmy gets PB as his after-run treat at an agility trial. I buy those packs that have the little individual tubs. He gets to lick out half for each run. It gives him a nice, super-long lasting treat! He LOVES it! Of course, after a 2 day trial and all that PB, he gets the runs ;-)

  7. My niece posted on facebook a couple of days ago that she made some yummy snickerdoodles and when she got up in the morning the dogs had eaten all of them (poor puppy tummies!!) I am not much of a baker . . or cook . .so none of us get any yummy treats :(

  8. oh come on...what you talkin about lady? my homemade pies? grrrr.

    [I seem to be talking more and more like Georgia these days. What is happening to me?]

  9. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! The dog daddy at our house taste-tests all homemade dog treats and he swears he likes our PB dog treats better than human cookies. (Go figure!) I must confess that our dogs get small taste nibbles of a whole lot of whatever we're snacking on.... (bad dog mama!)


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