Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Classic Cardigan: Dewi Hates the Dremel (and my 2 cents on dog nail clippers)

I dread doing Jon Farleigh and Dewi's nails. Yes, I said it. But my dread pales in comparison to the drama the two dogs put on just as soon as they get wind that the deed is about to be done. 

Several months ago, I wrote a piece about the interesting (and hilarious) defense mechanism that Dewi employed whenever the Dremel (nail grinder) appeared, and since today was doggie pedicure day at my house, I thought it might be fun to rerun it. 

Before I do, though, I just want to share that although I still think using a Dremel to grind down a dog's nails is a wonderful thing (as long as it's done frequently, or else there's too much nail to grind), I have been using clippers to trim JF and Dewi's nails for several months. Since they both have clear nails (with big honking quicks), I've just found that the clippers get the job done faster, and that means less dog drama for the mama (me). :)

So about those clippers: At first I used the guillotine type (the one with a hole in the blade), but when my clipper blade dulled (after too few uses, in my opinion) and I couldn't replace it, I went online looking for the highest rated professional grade clipper I could find. And I wound up with these:

Image and product information via Amazon.com
(I decided not to go back with the guillotine type because I don't care for how it squeezes [and sometimes splits] the nail when the blade isn't super sharp.) 

And I'm pleased to report that these latest clippers work like a dream. Sure, the dogs still hate getting their nails done, but the ordeal is swift (I can trim the nail safely from just about any angle) and the cuts have all been clean (not jagged).

So there you have it: My 2 cents on doggie pedicure equipment. If you'd like more details, just drop me note.


And now, what you most likely came here for in the first place, originally published on June 24, 2011,

Fight, Flight or Turn into Jell-o?

Answer Key
Cat: Fight
Jon Farleigh: Flight
Dewi: See below.

In the relatively short time that he's been in my family, I only know of three things that Dewi isn't fond of:
  1. Going in the x-pen when the humans are leaving.
  2. Going "night-night" in his room crate.
  3. The Dremel.
However, instead of running away and hiding from these things (like Jon Farleigh - who, incidentally, is perfectly okay with the x-pen and going "night-night" ), or scratching my eyes out (hyperbole), like the cats, Dewi prefers to drop to the floor, roll over and transform into a tentacled, gelatinous blob, as illustrated below:

"Did you just say 'Dremel'?"

"I won't look."

"Aieeeeeeeeeee! Help meeeeeeeeeee!!"

"I'm still not looking."

So Dewi chose to lie on the floor like a limp squid. It was his only defense.

And because Corgis are long-backed dogs, needing proper hind-quarter support when being lifted, it is impossible for me to get him out of this position (without risking spinal injury - to us both) unless I roll him back over and hoist him up -- like a wayward barn animal on a cliff being air-lifted by a helicopter. 

It is hilarious. :)

What does your dog(s) do to get out of doing something "unpleasant"?


Disclosure: Amazon.com is not an affiliate, nor has anyone compensated me for this post. I just like to share things that make my life easier. :)


  1. Sure the Pawdicure Day at your home is interesting!
    My nails are black... and my mom is a chicken...
    She leaves the task to my Vet!
    Kisses and hugs

    1. Hi, Lorenza! :) My first dog, Molly, had black nails and I could never get them short enough out of fear. Neither could her vet. :-/ I hope your vet does a good job!

  2. We would scream if that machine was coming at us. Run
    Benny & Lily

    1. You are wise to scream and run, Benny and Lily. Peeps would run, too, if the manicure salon workers came at them with power tools!

  3. Ha ha ha! Oh, I've written about Blueberry and the lengths she will go to to avoid the clippers before, too. She'll hide in the crate, get on the couch and lay with all four feet somehow underneath her and even wrestle with my husband to keep her feet to herself. I see that her nails have gotten long again, too, which means she's successfully evaded him during the last two nail trimming sessions. *sigh*

    1. I am giggling trying to imagine Blueberry - with those long legs - trying to scrunch them underneath her. :) Poor dear. I do not envy your household on nail day!

  4. Trimming nails has always been a huge production at our house! First of all, it takes two of us - the hubby is the treat distributor and I am the evil nail trimmer. A couple of years ago I switched to the dremel and Cali will "allow" it - and I can do it all by myself, but she still hates it. She will ONLY lay on the floor to have her nails done . .standing is out of the question. I love the picture of Dewi . .I see a similar routine in my house :)

    BTW, Cali also dislikes having her feet dried, baths or being brushed :(

    1. Haha! Poor Cali doesn't like to make things easy for you, does she? I have to body block (lie on top of) the boys to do their nails. They would run off otherwise, treats or not.

      I can't understand why most dogs don't like the spa treatment. Kind of like how I don't understand why some children fight sleeping and eating. Duh! :)

  5. I missed the misquotation from A Christmas Story the last time I read this. Very good!

    1. Ron, I'm so glad you mentioned the Christmas Story misquote. :) It was the whole inspiration for the post, except slugs don't have legs, so I had to sub a squid. :) LOVE that movie.

  6. We just use the clippers as well. Shiva doesn't seem to care what we do with her nails for the most part so we are pretty lucky. I don't know what I would do if she had black nails! I tried one of those fancy doggy pedicure apparatuses once and she completely freaked out as soon as I turned it on.

    1. I thought of Shiva when I wrote this, actually, remembering how you once wrote she has no fear of getting her nails trimmed. The rest of us can only dream! :)

  7. I feel ya! Koly hates getting his nails done, but with black nails, there is no way to cut them. I love Dewi's defense mechanism. So awesome!

  8. We get our clippers sharpened periodically. Cutting Thunder's nails would dull and clipper...lol.

  9. ha! poor, tortured Dewi!

    we use the dremel, too, and i pretty much shovel treats into Desmond's mouth while my husband does his nails (we actually use the clipper on Desmond's nails first, and then file), but only when the dremel is actually running--in hopes that Des will associate the noise of the dremel with yummy treats.


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