Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Say Welsh Corgis Like to Herd Kids

Mine only like to herd sheep kids.

It's no wonder I love them so much. ;-)


Wishing you loads of fun doing your favorite things this holiday weekend!

Coming next week: Jon Farleigh and Dewi model the latest spring fashion trend.

Disclosure (Sat., 4/7/12, @ 10:08 a.m., as a result of the husband shouting this question from the other room while viewing this post from his iPhone: "Now, why'd you make him do that?"): No sheep kids, regular kids or dogs were harmed (physically or emotionally) during the fake herding session pictured in this post. In fact, all parties involved, including the photographer, (as if it isn't obvious) were willing and gleeful participants. Ahem. 


  1. You've definitely found your funny again! This is adorable! You know, our Border Collie, Lizzy, actually did like to herd kids. Though I'm not sure she'd have known a sheep if she saw one.
    Can't wait to find out what is the next fashion trend.

  2. LOL, I like your sheep kid. He's a real sport. This is too adorable.

  3. Ha ha . . too funny :) They look like they were having lots of fun!! Happy Easter!

  4. I can see all of them enjoyed it!
    Happy Easter!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. All that green grass, love it! We're still waiting, but when Easter comes, that always helps nature along!

    Cute photos!

    Happy Easter!

    Tom, Mom Julie & the crew xx

  6. I have a hopeless case of the giggles now! That is just so stinking cute. Besides, you have to let those herding dogs go with their instincts!


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