Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Different and Yet Highly Effective* Corgi Herding Styles (as demo'd by Jon Farleigh and Dewi)

I think this ought to explain it all.
Note: Yes, that's a sheep KID. Just look here and don't have a cow.

Click to enlarge.

*So we haven't actually done this with real sheep, but we saw a really articulate pig (and a Border Collie) successfully herd both ways on TV.

And a bonus:

Dewi and the sheep kid demonstrate why Welsh Corgis were bred with short legs.
Note: This diagram is NOT a joke. I'm serious.

Corgis were bred as cattle drovers (heelers/heel nippers). The short legs were life-saving in that line of work.

They're also really cute.

Have good one, friends!


  1. You really had way too much fun with this ;) Love it!

  2. Ha! Next Easter you will have to re-create with ducks! Here's my puppy herding ducks for inspiration:

  3. LOL makes sense to me, who wants to get kicked? :)


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