Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Dogs 'Drew' Straws and Jon Farleigh Won (a Trip to Bark in the Park)

(Editor's Note: I'm just sitting here imagining what a first-timer to my blog might think after reading the title of this post. How does one preface one's dogs drawing straws and winning trips? I dunno? Oh, well. Thanks for listening. ;)

Okay, for those who are still reading, but missed yesterday's post, I made the dogs draw (choose) straws to determine which one got to go with me and Youngest Child to Bark in the Park. (It'll make more sense if you read yesterday's post.)

And, yes, (per the title) Jon Farleigh's nose won the "draw"; therefore, JF got to go (and Dewi will go next time, in August). 

So, off we go to the ballpark...

And here's JF making out with a yellow lab.

JF: Wanna go under the bleachers? 

Okay, they weren't really making out (although there's definitely something more than a casual butt sniff going on). Sadly for JF, though, the lab's visit was limited to this brief encounter on the stairs. ;)

This lovely young Boxer lady, however, was our bleacher mate for the whole game. Such a sweetie!

This little guy was in the row in front of us...

...and Dachshund girl was behind us.

Until this (extremely affectionate) girl moved in.

My little ladies' man was in dog heaven. :)

So was I (in dog heaven), frankly. I didn't watch anything but dogs until the bottom of the 7th inning! (oops)

This little person liked Jon Farleigh (and the feeling was mutual - JF is very fond of little people). :)

Little person: Goggie!

Jon Farleigh slept well last night (right after he got home and played bitey face and zoomies with Dewi, who didn't seem to be holding a grudge).

Oh, and by the way, I'm totally using the straws on the dogs again!


  1. What would I do without JF, Dewi, and you? The world would be a dim place...

  2. what a big day. You look like you were quite popular
    Benny & Lily

  3. From the pictures, it looks like it was mostly Bark and very little Park. :)

    Can hardly wait until August to see if Dewi is as popular with the ladies as JF.


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