Thursday, May 3, 2012

Survey Shows Dogs Think Their Humans Are 'Rock Stars'

So, on Tuesday I posted a (5-question) survey to determine whether personality traits (such as introversion and extroversion) reveal anything about a person to his or her dog.

I am pleased to say that 47 readers completed the survey, results have been tallied and I have a few findings to share with you today!

Let's start with question #1 (click image to enlarge):

Well, duh! You all ♥ your dog(s). Apparently, however, five of the respondents are too nice to admit that this was a dumb question. ;) Next!

Question #2:

People. Are you telling me there are dogs out there reading my blog who know the meaning of those big psychology words? Really? (You really must stop teaching your dogs those kinds of words. It's not right.)

Well anyway, although 100% of our dogs understand SOME words, though many are simple and typically involve food, one could infer that most dogs don't speak language and therefore, wouldn't have a clue how to classify, much less define, a human personality trait.

Now, if you look closely at the results, you'll see that 16 respondents wrote in "other," additional words that their dogs understand. Thankfully, none of them were beyond the repertoire of a 3-year-old. And because I know you're curious, I went ahead and put them all into a word cloud (via for you to see.

The larger the word in the cloud, the more occurrences. Not really any surprises here.
Note, however, that the "sh" (above the "d" in "outside") should actually be "sh*t." Yes, that's right. One respondent's dog knows the following phrase: "lose my sh*t," as in "[insert dog's name], if you don't stop, I'm gonna lose my sh*t!"

Frankly, I think cable TV words were highly under-reported on this survey. ;)

Question #3:

You might be wondering what the heck the relevance of this question is. So I'll tell you: Sometimes when one is eating assorted dark-colored jelly beans, one (who doesn't like black licorice) might mistake a black jelly bean for a brown, chocolate fudge one, and if so, this happens:

Image Source
And if that happens, your dog will pick up on your sadness and become anxious. Therefore, if you don't like black jelly beans, please try not to accidentally eat one in front of your dog.

This has been a public service announcement.

Question #4:

Of course you like weekends! (Unless you're that one person who replied "no," who, I'm hoping, was just being a smarty pants.)

By the way (smarty pants), this question was a test to see whether anyone might try to skew the results. Congratulations, you passed! ;)

Question #5:

Look, y'all, two real live rock stars did my survey!! Woot!

[with composure] Notice that answering "no" was not an option? That's because if you heart your dog (and you do), and you're reading this dog blog (vs. watching TV or shopping at Target, for example), YOUR DOG THINKS YOU'RE A ROCK STAR. Whether you can sing or not. Period.

Now, go forth and acknowledge your fan club(s)!

See you later!


  1. Oh I just hate when that black-jelly-bean-thing happens! And thanks so much for the heads-up about it depressing my dogs, I had no idea!
    And the question du jour is not Who let the dogs out, but - Who are those two rock stars?
    (Cool survey, cool results, ultra-cool analysis!)

  2. Okay... send all those black jelly beans my way! Since we do a lot of singing over here... and my dogs are so agreeable... they DO think we're rock stars! ;-)

  3. you were on a roll when you did this! Or just too much "rockstar"? (that is an energy drink down here in the blue state)
    Thanks for the week end smile. :-)

  4. I am a fan of the black jellybeans too! Have a great weekend!

  5. LMAO! God I love your blog! How do you come up with this stuff? I wish I had the cleverness, wit and harm that you do. If your dogs don't love you they must be black jelly bean haters. :)


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