Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tigger Meets the PicMonkey (and I go bananas)

I just love PicMonkey (both the name and the place). I might have mentioned some of this before...

Anyway, I got some cool photos of Tigger the other day; I was outside looking at birds' nests and she was inside wondering what the heck I was doing outside. :) She even tried to touch me through the glass with her paw.


I used the Urbane effect (at on this one.
(Notice Eva's feet dangling over the edge of the bench in the background.) 

For this one, I used the Tranquil effect.

And for this last one, the Intrepid effect (the pollen on the window is not part of the effect).
(I think Tigger's actually trying to touch my face here. So sweet! Unfortunately, though, five seconds later, the dogs realized where I was and proceeded to shove her out of the way with their noses.)

Okay, that's all for today. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow evening for the survey results (speaking of which, you can still take the survey, if you haven't already)!


  1. What an adorable kitty ♥ Love the effects!! (go away pollen - I've had enough of you!!)

  2. Awwwww, sweet sweet kitty! I love that second picture! (And your quiz was bananas. Loved it!)

  3. Those are wonderful photos!!! I love your kitty and LOVE how she's trying to touch you. Awwwww....

  4. Really cute pictures!

    I haven't done much with PicMonkey yet, but Wilson's WW this week was tweaked with it, and I think I used Urbane....

  5. Aww, beautiful kitty and beautiful pictures. I just love love that last one, it's so sweet!

  6. Those look great, I'm off to check out Picmonkey now!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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