Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Phonetics of Fostering, Part 3 - I Already Know How to Form Words So Let's Talk Semantics

So when I left you on Tuesday, I had trumped my moody fostering "vowels" with "HAPPY consonants." 

And then suddenly I felt like bursting into song! (Actually, not really.)

Truthfully, although I learned to be less hard on myself (for not being perfect), the knowledge that Maddox would soon be returning to his relatively small shelter quarters still left me unsettled. And I had to do something.

So tell me: If someone keeps an animal in foster care forever, is that technically fostering?

Yeah, my husband didn't think so either (when I told him I wanted to foster Maddox forever :).

So, that's why, yesterday, I went over to the Richmond SPCA and adopted Maddox!

I especially like this part of the adoption agreement:

"Thank you for making a precious Richmond SPCA pet a part of your family. 
Your adoption has made it possible for another animal's life to be saved. You are a hero."

I think Maddox is going to be okay with his new forever. :)

Note: I have lots more I'd like to say about how my family and I arrived here, but, frankly, it's all still so new that I haven't had time to collect my thoughts. So more to come later!


  1. lol....this is why I am hesitant to foster...I would want to keep them all!

  2. YAY!! I knew Maddox would work his way into your heart :) Congrats!!

  3. Congrats and ditto Julie. Happy Friday to all.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Awwww!!! That is so wonderful!
    It's so funny, but you described it exactly how I was when I returned Jasper to the shelter to be adopted. I was heartbroken to return him to a cage when I knew that he had already lived in one all of his life. That's why I took him back and made him mine. :)

    I really love the picture of Madox and the wonderful saying at the bottom of his adoption papers. I wish we had that at the bottom of ours when we were open.

  5. Hooray for you! I'm so excited for Maddox. Will there be a shower where we can send little kitty gifts? :-)

  6. I knew Maddox would be staying! How wonderful!

  7. That's so awesome! Congratulations on adding to your menagerie! :) Maddox is gorgeous, love those white snowshoes he's got.

  8. Ha! I believe a few of us called this one a while back. ;) Wonderful news and congratulations, to both you and Maddox! Can't wait to hear all about him.

    BTW, I believe when "someone keeps an animal in foster care forever" is technically called a "failed foster". Welcome to a wonderful sorority. :)

  9. My heart feels a lot better all of a sudden. The world needs a thousand massive football stadiums' worth of people like you!

  10. I knew from the beginning that you would end up adopting him. ;P How could you not?! Look at that sweet face!

    Congratulations to your family and to Maddox, lucky cat! :D

  11. Hooray for failed fostering! You are definitely a hero to Maddox!

    Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about the new addition.

  12. Congratulations on your new addition. Maddox is going to be one happy, and well taken care of, kitty :)

  13. Congrats! Maddox is one lucky kitty.

  14. Well isn't he a handsome boy! That's one lucky kitty, eh?

  15. Congratulations! Yay for Maddox! :)

  16. Congrats on your new addition! Although, I have to say I'm not at all shocked by this turn of events. :-)


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