Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Work Week! Enjoy a Round of (Corgi) Jon Farleigh Pics on Me!

A little dramatic, perhaps, but loads better than "Jon Farleigh Photo Dump," don't you think? ;)

Anyone want to see some recent shots of Jon Farleigh?! 


Hold on, I need to tell you something important first:

I got my formerly-smashed-and-in-the-shop camera back (with little fanfare, a few weeks ago . . . about a month after I wrote Nikon this letter*). It's taken some tranquilizers effort to get over the fear of dropping it again. So, I got it a leash lanyard (neck strap). And I sit on the floor when I use it (less apt to trip sitting down). Corgis are, thankfully, easy to photograph from a sitting (or prone) position.

Okay, here you go!

Photo. Shoot. Over. ;)

Stay tuned! Dewi is up next!

* @NikonUSA sent me a tweet, asking for my contact info, a few days after I posted the letter. Several days after that, I received a brief e-mail message (from the Nikon service department, under a do-not-reply return address), including an apology for the long wait (but not for never responding to my calls) and explaining that a part had been backordered. Coincidentally, the part in question had arrived that very day and I was assured my camera had been moved to the repair floor. The packaged camera arrived on my porch approximately one week later. 


  1. I really enjoyed it!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I feel like I've missed a whole chapter of their lives! And yours! What a treat to see the angel faces.

  3. Yay! Social media really does work, doesn't it?? So happy to see photos of your kids ;) Although, I'm not sure he looks too excited about being a super model again!!

  4. you look like you are up to no good, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. Lovely pix and nice to see that the flashy beast is back. Gosh that was a long wait. Brilliant Corgi action. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh, I needed some JF! :-D And you even included some beautiful butt shots!

  7. First, holy-moly JF's butt is fluffy! Second, it's about time your camera was returned. Nikon gets zero points for customer service in my book!

    But!.....Very glad you will be back in action. You've been missed.

  8. So glad you have your camera back. You chose a worthy subject for your photo show.

    Look forward to seeing Dewi, Maddox, and maybe occasionally their human siblings. After all, your kids must have a great sense of humor to play along with your blogging adventures. :)

  9. Cute pics! The camera sure takes nice pics - now that you finally have it back!

  10. Your pictures are great. Congratulations on finally getting your camera back!

  11. Thank goodness your camera is finally back! Loved the photos. :)

  12. Oh yea, you're back! And you have your camera back! Double yea! And already so many lovely pictures!

    You have been missed.


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