Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What time is it?! It's Howdy Dewi time! (aka more corgi pics!)

For those of you who are less dated than me, that was a pun on the popular children's 50s TV show Howdy Doody

This post, however, has nothing to do with a talking, buck-toothed doody (because eww*); however, it does have to do with Dewi. 

And now that we're clear on that, as previously promised, a fresh Dewi dump (as in photo)! ;)

Editor's note: This is the part of the shoot where I used a pile of laundry for artistic effect. I didn't want the pose to look too stiff. ;)

Be sure to tune in next time when Dewi wakes up and gets into all the same frames as Jon Farleigh!
(That's right, even more corgi pics are coming up! Yay!) 

*Not that I'm above (if inspired) doing a (Howdy) Doody parody. 


  1. The Dewi sure is one handsome guy! And somehow I don't think you grew up watching Howdy Doody....It was even before my time!

  2. Great photos again, but with such beautiful models, you can't go wrong!

  3. He takes some fantastic photos! What an expressive face he has!

  4. Great posing Dewi. I'd give up too if no treats are involved. My mantra is no treats no pose. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. missed the dogs and your humor! welcome back.

  6. Sweet Dewi.... love that yawn and the falling asleep sequence :-)
    And I have to tell you that I was thrilled to see your dirty laundry. Your photo shoots are seriously intimidating... your house always looks SO CLEAN. ;-)

  7. Awww, love seeing Dewi nodding off in that last sequence.....

  8. your blog is soooo cute! I can't figure this out, I'm following you on Twitter, how was I NOT following your blog? I rectified that, I am now! Just read about you on Talking Dogs....
    I also have liked your Facebook page! Hoping you will follow our dog's blog and like him on Facebook too: he is under Dakota's happy to FINALLY be following your blog!

  9. Dewi is so adorable. Love that picture of him falling asleep - wouldn't want to keep him up or anything. :)

  10. Great choice to add the unfolded laundry to the background so your photo looks spontaneous and relaxed! :)


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