Friday, September 14, 2012

The Adventures of Sheercrock Holmes and the Curious Stench

Note: This three-scene parody/farce, based on a real-life event in my life, is rated G for Gross. All viewers who are not in the 8(to)11-year-old boy demographic should use discretion. 

Sheercrock Holmes and the Curious Stench

** Scene One **

Holmes (ahem, me) encounters a powerful stench upon entering her bedroom (which is adjacent to the bathroom that contains Maddox's litter box).

[grimaces and throws hands - open palms forward - in front of her face, as if to block an invisible perp from further olfactory assault]

"OOHHHH! OH GAH! [gags] WHAT'S THAT SMELLL??!" (knowing full well the smell is wafting from a pile of Maddox's prescription canned food-reeking cat poop)

[makes way back to litter box, careful to breathe only through her mouth]

What Holmes expected to find (but didn't)
Note: Hershey is code for poop.

"Well, at least he covered it this time," she snarked, noting the mound of litter in the center of the box.

[uses scoop to sift through litter]

"Hmmm. That's funny. Where the heck is it? [sifts again] So weird. Could he (Maddox) just have really smelly gas??"

(Where the flip is the hershey?!)

[sifts through last square inch of litter and after finding nothing, looks up and sees she has an audience]

Jon Farleigh: Whatcha doin' over there, ma?

Dewi: Oh hai, ma! When you're done with the sandbox, will you throw the rope to me?

[gasps and clutches chest - having remembered overhearing from the kitchen, about an hour earlier, Dewi and Middle Child playing the bouncy, bark-on-the-bed game. AND, that Jon Farleigh (her "shadow") had been conspicuously missing from the room]

"OH NO, YOU DIDN'T!" she cried, fairly convinced that Maddox had, in fact, NOT covered his poop, and that one of the dogs (while in the bedroom with Middle Child earlier) had helped himself to a "chocolaty" snack. 


Maddox: I feel a quarter-pound lighter this morning, and you?

"OH, NOOO! That's DISGUSTING! EWWW! [gags] Oh, go play somewhere else; you're both (not knowing for sure which one had done it) INFECTED! Ohhh! Aghh! Uhhhhhhh." [gags]

** Scene Two ** 

About 20 minutes later, Holmes and Youngest Child are having a casual conversation in Holmes' "office."

 H: "If you ever see or hear a corgi messing around in my bathroom, PLEASE, run him off! I'm pretty sure one of them ate a pile of Maddox's poop this morning."

YC: "EWWWW! [becomes pensive]

H: "Yes."

YC: [in all seriousness] "When a dog eats cat poop, does it go through their stomach and come back out as cat poop?"

H: [chokes back a giggle] "Oh no, no. That's a good question, though, buddy. No, it gets digested [cringes] and comes back out as dog poop. It might upset the dog's stomach a little. [scowls] But, I hope not this time." [sighs]

** Scene Three ** 

About an hour later, Holmes is in her bathroom milling around, with Jon Farleigh hovering close to her feet. (Note: Dewi is in another room at the other end of the house.)

Jon Farleigh: Pull my finger?

[suddenly realizes a foul stench - distinctly similar to that of Maddox's poop - has permeated the bathroom]

"OOHHHH! OH GAH! [gags] AGAIN?! [looks around for the cat and at the empty litter box]

But, he's not in here. What the...?!"

It's elementary. Jon Farleigh is busted.


It was YOU who ate the cat poop! You sneaked in here earlier while Dewi was making all that noise on the bed! YOU did it, because your fart smells like Maddox's poop! Good grief! I'm outta here! Ewww!"



Psst, hey you. Yeah, you out there on the internets. Will you throw me the rope? Please?

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by, nor endorsed by the folks who make Hershey's chocolates. But if you feel like eating some chocolate, and it happens to be the Hershey's kind, I'm sure no one will mind! Mmm, chocolate...


  1. Sorry we are laughing so hard. I use to eat sheep poop but luckily for my peeps I don't anymore but I can still fart for England. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. C'mere Dewi... I'll throw that rope for you. Let's get out of here. Your mama is grossing me out! ;-)

  3. Ugh. Grossout. I've seen dogs eating other dog poops in the park. Come to think of it, cat poop is so AVAILABLE. Hahaha.

  4. ahahah! Not only do Jon Farleigh and Petal look similar, but they both enjoy the same... um... 'snacks'! I always know when Petal was in the cat box because of her breath (ew) and (be prepared) she gets cat litter all over her nose and I have to wipe it off.
    It's nasty.
    This is nasty.
    Jon Farleigh farting cat-turd fart is nasty.
    But so hilarious. :P I needed a good laugh!

  5. ew!!!! Cali loves kitty crap snacks too. We put a kitty door on our laundry room door to keep her out . .otherwise she would snack at every opportunity!

  6. Oh my! Didn't you teach JF that Hershey is bad for dogs?

    Cat turds must be delicious. They're the one thing that will get Honey digging in the garden looking for little surprises.

    BTW, if you tell anyone I spent the past five minutes laughing at potty humor, I'll tell everyone I never knew you. :)


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