Sunday, October 28, 2012

[Sound Siren] Special Canine Weather Bulletin...

Good evening. Jon Farleigh and Dewi here with a special weather bulletin.

As you might know from other, less canine news sources, we (along with millions of other East Coast dogs) are sitting here like rubber ducks, waiting for the uninvited arrival of that haint called Sandy.

No, not this Sandy (our once foster kitten)...

And certainly not her kick-butt namesake (who lives under the sea with the square pants-wearing sponge)...

image source

No, it is that giant, whirling hag in the sky, who (just like her heinous cousin Irene) is making all the humans scramble to buy all the bread, ice and batteries within a million miles, because she is threatening to do THIS:

unaltered image source

So, we would just like to remind you (so that you do not worry about our stubby-legged selves AND can take immediate precautions - as needed - for your own whatever-sized-legged selves) that we are prepared with our (previously published at Richmond Pet

Please also take note that in the event we have to use this guide (which means we will also be working part-time as human foot warmers), our regular bloggings will become (temporarily) less regular.

Please refer to your other (less canine) news sources for current inclement weather information.

*Our guide has only been tested one time, on us, and might not be entirely appropriate for your current electrical (or life) situation. Does not apply to cats. 

Hey, why is your jacket more water repellent than mine?

Because, brother. I'm Batman.

Be safe, everyone!


  1. Too funny! I agree its a Haint!

  2. Too funny! I agree its a Haint!

  3. Our thoughts are with you. We'll be in the basement. ;)

    I'm just hoping we don't lose power and I can finally catch up on all the blog reading I have to do!!

  4. Stay safe my friends. We will be thinking of you


  5. Hope you stay safe and dry!! You seem totally prepared :)

  6. I loved out loud at that last picture and caption!
    Stay safe! We'll be thinking of you guys!

  7. Holy Hurricane! Let's hope those weather predictions are off by, oh, let's say a state or two...Stay safe!

  8. That last picture and caption nearly had me falling off my couch! LMAO! God I love your sense of humor.

    Love the humorous take on that snot Sandy, but seriously, hoping you guys are only bothered minimally by the storm. Foot warmers are good, but electricity is always nice. My friends used to live near Williamsburg. I always worried about them when a hurricane hit. Glad you are already prepared.

  9. Sandy, you suck! Even where we live we decided to take some basic precautions ... that's very naughty coming all the way up here.

    Major weather mischief. Somebody should put a stop to that.

    All you friends directly in Sandy's path, please keep safe.

  10. Stay safe and warm guys. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. So scary. We hope you and your family and all our relatives stay safe.
    Benny & Lily

  12. i have a friend in Reston She is getting ready to get hit. Be careful...


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