Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Can I Get a 'Ho'?!

[now, you]


[ok, you]

Sorry, too busy.



Jon Farleigh: Dude, we can't eat chocolate.
Dewi: Who said anything about eating them? We're gonna sell those ho cakes on ebay!

Disclosure: The part about the hohos didn't really happen. I made it up...because I'm not right. 

She ain't right.


Hoping you got some ho ho hos today!

Elizabeth, Jon Farleigh, Dewi, Tigger, Eva, Lulabelle, Maddox and Bertie

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Classic 'Crafty' Cardigan: Felting for Dumb@sses - Balls

To clarify:

Dummy - A beginner, novice; someone who struggles with directions laden with technical jargon

Dumb@ss - (see below image)

Figuratively, people. This furry @ss could be a genius.

Now, solve this riddle:

What does one call a person who (when it comes to felting) is both a dumb@ss AND a smart@ss?

OK, time's up. The answer is (see below image):

Behind those glasses, I'm winking hard. ;)

So. Now that we're clear on who this blog post is really about, let me give a shout out to the person who is responsible for my re-posting it for your enjoyment: the talented and lauded author of the hilarious novel What the Dog Ate, Jackie Bouchard!

"How is that?" you might ask.

Well, I'll tell you; just look at her comment on last week's Etsy giveaway post:

She (and her sis) make these ADORABLE wool felted dogs! (And one is a Cardi!)

And so, naturally, I wanted to re-publish this dusty old felting post of my own, because a) refer to both of the above images, and b) I'm too lazy to write something original.

Editor's Tip: When one is short on sheep's wool for felting, one can feel free to substitute DOG HAIR. Double-coated varieties (as in Corgi) work nicely.

Dog Hair Explosion Part II: Why the World Needs Crafty People

Okay, so this is what I eventually brushed out of Dewi the other day when his undercoat spontaneously disengaged from his skin and landed on my kitchen floor:

Probably enough to fill a regular-sized plastic Target bag

If I'd had the right tool(s), I'd probably have gotten a lot more. Well anyway, I'm certain that just about NONE of my wonderful readers are impressed with the size of Dewi's pile of hair, since I understand from Red Dog Mom - over at Life with The Horde - that entire trash bags can get filled up multiple times before the "blow" is all over (of course - at the time of this writing - she does have five Cardigans). But that's okay; I just wanted to use this post to show you all what I made with the pile of hair.  :)

A couple weeks ago, Boo's Mom over at Darby's and Pumpkin's Daily posted "Don't ask me why", which if you didn't see it, is just - in my simple opinion - one of the coolest "crafty" (felting) dog posts I have ever seen. Who knew that shedded Cardigan Corgi hair could be turned into something so adorably photogenic? (Boo's Mom: I would totally frame the second photo and put it on my wall!) And to think that I had all the resources to do it myself AND I could get all my kids to make some, too; and if it worked, I'd never have to buy another cat toy again! Suddenly, I couldn't wait to grab the slicker brush. "Jon FARLeighhh!  DEWIiiiiii!  Time for your brUSHingssss!" (Remember, this was a couple weeks ago, so Dewi hadn't started molting yet.)

A brushfull each of Jon's and Dewi's hair later...TA-DA! Felted balls!

Yes, I know the photo stinks; this was the best I could get
after about 100 shots with my crappy camera. :(

But, aren't they cuUUUute! Of course, the beige one on the left is Jon Farleigh's. :) My kids were fascinated, too (they take after me). Now, wouldn't it be fun (thought I) to make a great BIG ball (think baseball) for the cat to bat (pun intended) around?

Remember the pile of fur I brushed out of Dewi (hint: up at the top of this post)? Okay, here's what I "felted" with it:

Hint: It's the big NASTY thing on the right.

Note to self: Left-brained career choices are the best choices.

Addendum note to self (added 12/18/12): Any-brained career choice is better than NO career choice. [self-hug]


Boo's Mom, Jackie Bouchard (and all you other crafty folk out there - see comments here for several good examples), I am your humble admirer!

P.S. Those two small balls are displayed prominently (on a shelf) in my kitchen. :-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Act of Kindness: Pick-out-something-from Etsy Iveaway-gay!

Speak Pig Latin, do you? ;) (Ok, fine. Translation: iveaway-gay = giveaway ;)

Before I get down to business - with rules and stuff - I need to confess a couple things (for my own inner peace):

1. I don't like hosting giveaways on this blog. It feels awkward, probably because by design, giveaways are not funny (especially when one doesn't win), and therefore, don't fit in with the whole kooky theme I've got going on here. That and they're potentially humiliating. As in what if NO ONE ENTERS?! Then what? Isn't it basically just confirmation (in front of all 7 of one's loyal readers, who were, incidentally, too embarrassed to enter, plus the rest of the free world) that all those page hits were really just people Googling for "butt jokes" or photos of Aquasaurs (for example)? Can you imagine the horror?! ;)

2. I have been shamelessly entering a bunch of giveaways over here (hint: the blog name rhymes with "The Why-oneer Flummon"). And I really hope I win something!

Thanks for listening.

So, here I am. Randomly hosting a random (and potentially embarrassing*) $25 Etsy gift card giveaway - because I just feel like it!

Maddox's collar and tag = awesome Etsy finds!

Also, because every time I see Maddox in his handmade sock monkey collar and tag (ordered from Etsy, and blogged about here), I bust out in a smile all over my face and feel like giving something away!


The rules are easy: Simply leave a comment (one per person, please) stating something you are good at hand-making!

(And please don't tell me "nothing," because I know good and well that you can at least spread peanut butter between two slices of white bread!)

On Saturday (12/15) morning, I will select one (1) winner from the comments (using a random number generator) and make an announcement on Facebook and Twitter (hint: you will need to go to one of those two places to see if you've won).

Good luck!

Necessary fine print:

  • If you are a spammer, I will find your comment, pan fry it and then feed it to my friend, Mr. D. Lete Button.
  • This contest is open worldwide, however, Etsy gift cards are only accepted at U.S.-based sellers who accept credit cards as payment. (Both sellers I mentioned above, for example, meet the criteria.) You are responsible for ensuring the seller ships to your country of residence.
  • The winner will receive one (1) $25 Etsy gift card, sent electronically (via email) directly from Etsy. You may provide your e-mail address when claiming your prize.
  • This random giveaway is sponsored by The Chronicles of Cardigan. Etsy doesn't know me from a hole in the wall!

* Please enter the contest, or I'll have to blame poor Maddox for my embarrassment. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Your Dog Might Be a Profuse Shedder if...

...your cats need to be taped off with a lint roller, lest they yak up dog hair hairballs.*

NOT a dog hair hairball, but it COULD be.
It's actually just a dry pile of Dewi's undercoat...
He sheds this much twice daily.
OK, not really. Thrice daily.
And that's NOT including his top coat.**

Speaking of hairy balls, yesterday, Jon Farleigh and Dewi were playing outside with a tennis ball (that was hairy, because they drooled on it and then shed all over it, which caused the hair to stick [get your minds out of the gutter]) and this*** went down...

Hi. I'm just making sure Dewi a hawk doesn't fly off with my ball.

Hey, Dewi, wanna play now?

Uh huh, I would love to play, brother...ever so badly!

OK...on three...

[thinking] Must get ready...

"...one, two...SIKE!!!!"

[insert maniacal laughter]


I heart my ball. And my mom person. 

Kids. ;-)

* I'm joking about taping off the cats. I rarely even tape off myself. Besides, they pass hair through their other ends, the "outcome" of which I don't inspect for dog DNA.  Ew.
** When he's blowing coat, which is most of the time. Oh, and JF sheds just as much. 
*** It really happened! I might have embellished slightly, however.

Have a smiley day!

P.S. Please do not spell "psych" incorrectly, like I did...up there, somewhere. ;-)


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