Monday, March 14, 2016

National Buffoon's Animal House (with a Side of Bacon) Starring Corgis, Jon Farleigh and Dewi

Original publish date: 5/27/13

Today, just because, I made a parody--starring Jon Farleigh and Dewi--of perhaps the greatest party flick of all time: Animal House

I (the buffoon of National Buffoon) call it: 

Animal House, with a Side of Bacon


Jon Farleigh as Jon "Farto" Fartarsky


Dewi as Kent "Crappie" Arfman

A brief synopsis:

Kent (Crappie) is pledging the fraternity, of which Jon (Farto) is already a brother. 

The fraternity is:
Actual Dog-Greek letters

Translated (in case you don't know Dog-Greek): 

I Smelta Pie

Here is a stanza of the I Smelta Pie unofficial song:

We like fried bacons and we cannot lie!

We eats it with a slice of pie! (apple, of course - this is America.)

End of stanza

And, back to the plot...

So, in order for Crappie to get into I Smelta Pie, he has to go out into the field (where the deer and the antelope cantaloupe Canada Geese play) with Jon Farleigh Farto, but while Farto gets to roll in stinky things, Crappie can only stand by and watch.

Crappie (to himself, as he watches Farto find the stinky spot): Be strong. You can do this.


Farto (to himself, as he plows his face into the stink): Oh, yeah.




Crappie to Farto: What is it, man?

Farto (to himself, ignoring Crappie, and rolling even more vigorously): Oh, yeah! This is what I'm talking about!

Crappie (as he plunges headlong atop the stinky thing): I give up! I can't take it anymore!

I Smelta Pie, be dammed by a beaver!*

Farto? Wanna go eat some bacon?

The End

Today's post has been brought to you by...

The two dog-sized, bacon neckties I purchased (with my own $2) in the cheap, holiday-themed accessory bins at Target.


Dear people who're in charge of the cheap holiday-themed accessory decisions at Target:

Remember how I wrote you a letter back in February, lamenting the fact that you offered exactly ZERO Valentine's Day-themed headband accessories, thereby forcing me to make do with "creative" substitutes, such as these green St. Patrick's Day antennae (for important blog posts such as this)?

Yeah, well, you've been redeemed.


Thank you for reading! Please eat bacon responsibly!

* Despite his foul, disrespectful remark, and failing the stinky-roll abstinence test, Crappie became a full-fledged I Smelta Pie brother. 


From Animal House, Otis Day and the Knights - "Shama Lama Ding Dong"!

So, what's the silliest thing you ever made your pet wear? I'm talking all the way back to early childhood!

Does your dog roll in stinky things? ☺


  1. BACON TIES?! That's pretty much the best thing ever and your boys make them look goooood. I think I might have liked the corgi version better than the human version.

  2. Best entertainment all weekend - and with bacon around the neck to top it all off!

  3. LOL bacon ties. Hope you had a great Memorial Day. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Great post! Bacon is truly in its heyday if its being featured on ties!

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I must now go to Target. How do you think that bacon tie will look on a rabbit? Or a duck?

  6. Oh you dogs- You are so funny!

  7. l Smelta Pie! Hysterical.

    Rita wants to rush I Aita Pie! :)

    Clearly I need to inspect the dollar bins at Target more vigilantly.

  8. LOl hilarious.

    I was totally thinking about that other Target post too when you mentioned you got the tie there. Love it.

  9. LOVE THIS POST!! (And the bacon ties, too)

  10. Those bacon ties are amazing. Also, I Smelta Pi is genius!

  11. What a fun creative post. The Kid Sage tried to eat that tie

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! ☺ Between you and The Island Cats, we're batting 1,000! Corgis LOVE to entertain cats; mine laugh at them all day (in pity, mostly, but still). ;)

  12. BOL! So creative and entertaining!

  13. I'm a cat. I pride myself on being clean. *lifts nose up at dogs* Pee-uuuu!

  14. Great pics! I ove the bacon ties! We try to have a bacon party every year. Needless to say we need to detox for days/weeks after.


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