Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What If LOL Cats Were LOL Cicadas?

Like, for example, this...

unaltered image: Gerry Broome/AP via NPR.org
caption: mine

It could work, no? ;)

OK, maybe not. But US East Coast-ers, just a tip: they'll be here at any moment, so you have three choices 1) run for your lives (in a westward-ly direction) 2) hide in your homes for the next two (or so) months 3) get the dang bug some Visine before it dies, already!

Oh, and...

Cicada Mania

And now is the part where I give you something warm, fuzzy and hilarious with which to (virtually) scrub the previous images from your traumatized retinas!

For instance, this...

Oh, wait! That's Maddox's stink eye. My bad.

OK, this...

So, frankly, I don't know what Maddox is doing up there; just like I don't know what Dewi's doing down here...

(But Dewi's a dog, and I digress.)

I do know, however, that Bertie (as pictured below) -- in addition to being warm, fuzzy and funny -- has a nurturing personality. And, how do I know this?

Because not a day goes by (by golly) that he doesn't make sure his pet Canada Goose (aka Goosie) gets at least one good meal and a drink of/swim in the water!

OK, swim, little guy; I'm waaaay-ting.

Time's up, Goosie! Food's gettin' stale!


So, have you forgotten about those cicadas yet (now that I've reminded you about them)? (sorry)

Well, that's okay, because I wanted you to be good and grossed out before I told you about the 1,000+ other warm, fuzzy and HILARIOUS cats over at Petfinder's

The Funniest Cat Contest!

Why? Because you need to look at more funny cats!
(to exponentially increase your happiness quotient!)

Like Kahlua, here...
(Hint: Click photos to see the kitties' details on Petfinder.)

And this guy named Spice...

(Seriously, people, I've already browsed through hundreds of funny kitties over at Petfinder, because... I couldn't tear myself away!)

So, have you got a funny cat of your own? (All cats are capable of being funny, btw; I should know.)

Then enter him/her in the contest (through May 21, 2013) and you could win a $250 gift card (for yourself) and $4,500 for your favorite Petfinder adoption group!

Thinking of adding a cat to your family? 

Oh, goody! There are plenty just waiting for you to take them home!

LOL cicada, LOL cicada, LOL cicada...
Go look at the funny kitties on Petfinder already! sheesh!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. OMD Bertie. LOL funny but also how darn sweet is that? Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. The cutest little poses!!
    Benny & Lily

  4. Aaaagggghhhh! Cicadas. ***massive shudder**** Yet another reason I'm so happy to live on the west coast!

    The cat pics are all too cute. Love how the goose gets his daily swim!

  5. Ummmm..... cicadas is coming back this year? Oh man, there will be many free-range snacks for me! Your kitty is almost as protective of chewy as I is! That is one impressive kitty.


  6. Lol somehow I don't think Lolcicadas would go over as well!

  7. There should be a stink-eye contest. Maddox would win it paws down!

  8. I'm totally into LOLCicadas. It's an untapped market.

  9. It sure is ... http://www.lolcicadas.com


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