Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tacky Cardigan with Words on It - The Stuff that Dreams Should Be Made Of

Am I wrong? 

That first question was rhetorical, by the way. ;-) 

(And the kitty in that photo - in case you're taking notes - is Maddox. We busted him out of the shelter a year ago, after a loooong time being there. He smiles in his sleep a lot.) 

Reminder: If you'd like me to consider captioning YOUR pet's photo, and feature it on the blog, post the pic on the Facebook page (on the wall or in a message). I'll let you know the week before (I post it), if it's selected.

Thank you to those who've already submitted photos! I'm carefully considering all of them!


  1. Darn now we will have that song in our heads all day. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Elizabeth, I can barely control my sense of disappointment. When I See a blog titled "Tacky cardigan with words on it, I truly expect to see Dewi or Jon in a tacky get up (80s work out gear? 90s MC Hammer look?) and a sign around their neck with words on it. Make it happen Elizabeth. Make. It. Happen.

    1. A thousand pardon me's! I'll see what I can do! ;-) (not even kidding - you just gave me an idea for Halloween...)


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