Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It Rhymes With 'Hump' Day: Forrest Gump

Please, allow me to explain today's "hump" day rhyme...

There was a tennis ball under the base of the computer armoire (in front of which I'd been attempting to get some work done). I knew this because, for the previous several minutes, Dewi had been conspicuously alternating between staring up at me longingly and frantically pawing at the crevice between the armoire and the floor. The thing is, I was confused, because the tennis ball I had handed him moments before (to keep him mildly occupied while I was working), was lying right in front of his feet.

So, I thought, okay, maybe there's a "better" ball under there (after all, the one I'd just given him was missing some yellow fuzz, cracked on one side, and practically incapable of bouncing anymore). And, giving him that, I grudgingly got up from my chair, precariously lowered myself to the floor (bad knees), and used a wooden pole to roll the "better" ball out from under the furniture. 

It was obvious from the expression on his face that Dewi approved, so I plopped the "new" ball in front of him and went back to my previous business. 

Seconds later, in my peripheral vision, I saw Dewi - with a ball in his mouth - scuttling toward my legs, and I could hear him nosing around under the desk - at the one place under the armoire where a tennis ball can pass through and get trapped. And, by gosh, if he didn't drop that ball and then shove it up under there with his noseOn purpose

So then, I'm thinking, Dewi? Are you that much of a dimwit that you'd intentionally shove your ball under the furniture, where you can't get to it? And if that's not bad enough, dude, make me stop what I'm (pause) Get. up.  and... 

Oh. My. GOSH! (looks at Dewi's smiling face.) You're not a dimwit. (crap) I am!
(I'll have you know, Dewi knew exactly what he was doing: roll the ball under the furniture, and the human fetches it every time!)

So, I got the wooden pole, prodded the ball out, and played fetch with both Dewi and Jon Farleigh, until they were tired and ready for a nap. 


And that, my friends, is why today is Forrest Gump day. 

Also, if this morning was in a box of chocolates, it would have been an orange cream. 



  1. Sorry it took me until now to read your post. I kept Ducky home from daycare yesterday so I wouldn't have to drive in the pea-soup-thick fog and by the time it lifted, there wasn't enough time to make it worthwhile for her. Anyway...

    I understand completely about the "who's the real dimwit here?" thing! Callie, Shadow, and Ducky con me into similar situations on a daily basis! But, that's part of the fun of being a dog mom so I just laugh at myself and them.

    Now, in our house, if yesterday had been in a box of chocolates, it would have been a dark chocolate and hazelnut one -- my particular favorite.

    1. Apologize for what? I'll have you know, I don't keep track of such things here. ;-)

      They do have a way of humbling us some days, huh? Nice choice of chocolate, btw. You must have had a really good day!

  2. Sort of in theme with this post would also be in you were Dewi's tennis ball chump ;-)

    If life was like a box of chocolates here....sadly, it would be one of those unpleasant ones you bite into and immediately spit in the trash :-(

  3. Ew! Orange cream! That's hilarious how well they've trained you. You should totally give yourself a treat.

  4. So your dog taught you to fetch? Clever boy.

  5. Our beagle was like that. She had us well trained. Rita can also be like that sometimes. I swear the reason she plays dumb and drops the bites of leftover pancake I toss to her is so that I'll keep tossing them until she catches one. She knows the game is over once she starts to catch them consistently, so might as well let them drop!

  6. I love how our pets can train us to do things. My dog used to bring me toys to play with him too. They are very conniving!

  7. Dewi I play this game all the time. I have mom trained well. Don't only stare until she gets the ball, make monkey noises. It works


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