Thursday, December 5, 2013

(Vintage) Tacky Cardigan With Words on It: Ambivalence

Because classic cardigans are not tacky. 

So, did you know I was publishing "tacky" cardigans with words on them back in the olden days? Well, now you do. ;-)

Originally published on April 6, 2011 (and titled She's Conflicted.)...

<> That is my cat Lulabelle's paw; she really does that (a lot).
<> I am the photographer. And that's some (amateurish) fancy focus editing. 
<> My cat Tigger uses her paw to drag her water bowl all over the floor, thereby making an enormous mess with sloshed water, before taking a drink.
<> My cat Maddox uses his front paws to dig an imaginary hole to China, directly in front of his water bowl, before taking a drink.
<> My kitten Bobby Flay stands on top of the raised water bowl stand, dunks his paw in the bowl and violently splashes water all over the kitchen floor, before taking a drink. He also gets in running showers.
<> My cat Bertie drops his pet (flat, plush) Goosie into his water bowl and watches it sink to the bottom, before flicking it sopping wet onto the counter and leaving it there for me to clean up.
<> My cat Eva drinks normally and otherwise detests getting wet. 

Conclusion: 83% of all house cats are ambivalent towards water. Use this information however you need to. :)

If you would like me to consider using one of your pet(s) photos for a tacky cardigan, just post it to the Facebook page!


  1. BOL funny as we both make a mess with the water bowl. Such fun.

    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Too funny. Rita is our first dog who's been a messy drinker! Bailey and Abby were both super dainty drinkers who never made a mess, but Rita just slobs water all over the kitchen floor. (Although Abby used to love to play in the water bowl at the dog park. Thank dog she never did that at home!)

  3. My dog Christie used to do some funny things with her water bowl. Maybe she was actually a cat.

  4. Our dog used to love gulping down water at his bowl and then coming over and pouring it out his mouth onto our legs.


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