Monday, January 20, 2014

Dogs Are Fun - A Less-Than-Impromptu Sequel to the Ditty, Cats Are Cool

In case you missed it in theaters, "Cats Are Cool" came out last February (here, on this blog). At the end of that post, I promised a sequel called "Dogs Are Great." It wasn't until I changed the word "great" to "fun," however, that I could actually make this little ditty come together. Hence, the 11-month delay. 

I hope you like it. Just make up your own tune to the meter. 

Dogs Are Fun

Dogs are fun. Dogs are fun. 
They're covered up with fur, but they still play in the sun.

Dogs are fun. Dogs are fun. 
No matter what their size, they'll join you on a run.

(If you run. Which I don't, because I hate it. But that's okay, because they'll walk, too.)

Dogs are fun. Nah nah na na...
They wanna be beside you, even during #1 (and #2...ew).

You'll never let it go, will you?

La la la, ho ho humm...
If you're watching your carbs, they'll gladly eat your bun (or cake, etc.). (Hypothetically speaking, of course. Because, duh, just say no to the bun, or substitute lettuce. That's what the magazine article said, anyway.)

OK, this is done! ;-)
Do you have a verse you'd like to add? Have a ditty request? Leave it in comments!

(♪♫ hmm hmm hmm...♫♪♪♫)

OOH! Do NOT let me forget that I'm hosting THIS at 7:30 p.m. EST, this Sunday, 1/26 (in SIX DAYS)! (If I forget, that will be BAD!)


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who hates to run -- much prefer a nice, leisurely walk!

    1. I've never been fond of running (it's not in my genetics), but I can walk pretty fast...when I'm motivated. ;)

  2. Dogs over cats any day of the week! Running or walking!

  3. Cute. I wanna play:
    "Dogs are fun, dogs are fun!
    They'll cuddle and snuggle and love you a metric ton!" (Which is also approximately what they weigh when they fall asleep on top of the covers and pin you to the bed.)

    1. Yay for playing along! I love it! :) Every time I tried to make a rhyme with "ton," I kept thinking of Leroy and Sherman at My Brown Newfies, and couldn't make it work for the corgis. :)

  4. BOL funny and we were singing along to such a wise and learned ditty. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly


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