Friday, February 7, 2014

9 Ways I'm Crazy About My Dogs - A Photo Sonnet, Presented by #SayItWithMilkBone

(With thanks to Milk-Bone for sponsoring this little love letter; otherwise, it might never have been written. Also, I've used the word "sonnet" quite loosely {poetic license☺}.)

They put up with plenty of shenanigans, Jon Farleigh and Dewi. Especially when a holiday is imminent. And, let me tell you, after four years, they know when those are coming - because they've memorized my routine:

1) Mom goes poking through the "special" cabinet containing all the holiday-themed doggy accoutrements.
2) Out comes the colorful stuff that dogs can sniff, but not play with (nor eat). 
3) Mom grabs the little box that she uses to hide her face sometimes, and, oh my gosh, when she does that...
4) Here come the SNACKS*!

And then, there's the dancing - unabashed, up on their stubby hind legs, wiggling for joy, dancing! Completely over the moon that I'm about to plant some awkward contraption about their ears and then expect them to sit still while food is being dangled in front of their noses.

All for a few funny photos that they'll never see...

A goofy blog that they'll never know they were the stars of...

Ultimately bringing about more smiles and uplifted spirits than they could ever claim responsibility for (and those were just my own)! 

Holy slimy tennis balls, do those dogs put up with my shenanigans! And, you know what? I am completely cuckoo, bonkers, jumping up and down like a loon, CRAZY about them. 

 I said, I'm crazy about them! 

(Psst, and now, you say => "How crazy ARE you?!"  Ready?)

How crazy ARE you?!

Well, I'll tell you!

9 Ways I'm Crazy About My Dogs

I am so crazy, that I have a sudden urge to bear-hug butterflies and bees!

I am so crazy, that I have frequent visions of rainbows and Tiggers that bounce!

I am so crazy, that I believe reindeer and leprechauns are real!

I am so crazy, that I'd consider running them for public office!

I am so crazy, that I've stopped being afraid of monsters!

I am so crazy, that I've developed a crush on a cheesy 80s pop star!

I'm so crazy, that I happily include furry family around my Thanksgiving table (on the floor, okay?)!

I am so crazy, that I'd smooch a pooch (with or without the mistletoe)!

Lastly, I am so crazy, that I'm gonna need to wrap this up so I can go bury my hands (and face) in some corgi fur!

(And, no, Jon Farleigh, a snack is NOT out of the question!)

So, I can't be the only crazy one here! Tell me, how are YOU crazy about YOUR dog(s)?

* I, on occasion, feed Jon Farleigh and Dewi Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites® Granola Biscuits and Milk-Bone Essentials Plus+® Optimal Health Biscuits as a daily snack/reward.


This post is sponsored by Milk-Bone on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about The Say It with Milk-Bone Campaign, but The Chronicles of Cardigan only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Milk-Bone has zero responsibility for the stuff that I've written here.

Wanna show your dog some #MilkBoneLove, and possibly win a year's supply of Milk-Bone dog biscuits and up to $5,000 in cash?! Look for specially-marked packages where Milk-Bone is sold and/or visit the Milk-Bone contest details page. No purchase necessary.

Bonus #10...

What the dogs see and what the pharmacist sees at my local CVS drive-thru.

I am so crazy that I make a point to bring the dogs to my local CVS pharmacy drive-thru, because when I do, good stuff happens to them. ☺ 


  1. "I am so crazy, that I'd smooch a pooch (with or without the mistletoe)!"

    Me too, frequently, throughout the day! :)

  2. Drats we don't have milk-bones over here. Love seeing all the pix again. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. No wonder you are crazy about them!!

  4. Hahaha! How many hats and outfits do you have for them? My old dog hated when I placed anything on his head.

  5. We're big fans of Milk Bone biscuits at our house, too!

  6. so cute! i'm crazy about my pups too and they're a little jealous they don't have as many holiday outfits as your doggies do :)
    -- jackie - jade and oak


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