Friday, May 16, 2014

Repurposed Tacky Cardigan With Words on It: There's No Shame in Butt Sniffing

Hi, y'all! I'm not on vacation, or sick, or stuck in a well or anything like that...but, my PC did crash a few days ago (Windows malfunction) and I'm currently running around (figuratively) like a deranged chicken. Hence the repurposing of the tacky cardigan. Although, this one is actually a pile of cardigans that (when held up end to end) tell one big ole tacky story. Perhaps you'll remember it. ;)

Originally published on October 10, 2012...

The Subjectivity of Shame: Butt-Sniffing

So what is it: shame or proper handshake etiquette?
P.S. Maddox is full of all kinds of wisdom, isn't he?
If you'd like me to consider a photo of your pet(s) for a tacky cardigan, just post it to the Facebook page!

Coming this Monday: A fun new post and GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned!


  1. have your butt sniffed by a woofie...well, there are no words.

  2. I've been having computer issues too. Poopy :(

    At least noses didn't get stuck in Bertie's butt :)

    1. Well, sheesh, what the fudge is up with the computers? Me, you, Molly... Hope yours isn't too bad (we had to reset our PC to factory settings - have to reinstall EVERYTHING, and Windows is still acting buggy. grrrr)

      Also, maybe if a cat's butt did bite their noses, they'd quit being such brutes. ;)

  3. LOL a firm handshake. We too are having computer problems. Seems when we get to the two year mark they start playing up on purpose.
    Have a serene Sunday and let us all enjoy some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Hope your computer issues get resolved! Mine is only 18 mos old. :((

  4. Hi Elizabeth. Sorry I've been not visiting until now - some "blogger" issues, some distractions. Happy to see Maddox making an appearance! Love the butt-sniffing . We have a LOT of that going on around here!

    1. Well, I hope all is calmer now, Ann! Or at least, the chaos is for a good reason. :)

      Also, NEVER be sorry for not visiting. I know how it can be, plus I'll feel guilty for making you feel guilty for not visiting (and neither one of us has even done anything to feel guilty about)! ;)


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