Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tag - It's Not Just for Squealing Kids on a Playground

No, it's also for grown people whose kids don't even play tag on the playground anymore. And by tag, naturally, I mean the kind that people play on the internet, where no running is involved. (However, basic counting {as in through lists of rules, etc.} and "hiding" behind one's e-device screen are requisite.)

Enough beating around the mulberry bush, though.

Two of my pet blog friends (Jennifer at My Brown Newfies and Kim at CindyLu's Muse) tagged me in a 20-facts game on Instagram. Now that I'm tagged, I'm supposed to post this badge (on Instagram) and follow the directions.

Except most everyone I know on Instagram has already been tagged. Which is why I'm bringing the game here. Well, that and I never post anything (on the blog) about myself, really, and I guess I feel like coming out of the shadows of my pets...just for today. So don't blink.

I think I'm ready.

Oh, but wait! The first 10 things I'm sharing are actually answers to questions that Jenny (at Vulpe's Adventures in Manchester) asked when she so generously passed me a Liebster (which I guess means "dearest" in German) Award. :) Now, I've seen blogging "awards" get crazy (being passed over and over again through the same circles of people), so I generally try not to add links to the chain. BUT, I love Jenny's clever questions so much, that I can't wait to answer them! 

So, here they are (answers to Jenny's Q's, plus 10 of my own)...

Elizabeth's 20 Facts
  1. The first movie that really scared me (as in full-on tears) was The Wizard of Oz (the wicked witch looking into her glass ball). I also cried (cross my heart) at the sight of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones doing a (70s) TV performance. 
  2. My first live concert was Shaun Cassidy (late 70s). I was LITTLE. :)
  3. My favorite sauce is...well, melted butter? On popcorn.
  4. I was born in Greensboro, NC and live in the Richmond, VA metro area. 
  5. The best (material) gift I've ever received is impossible for me to name. Sorry! When I was little, getting pop rocks was (at the time) the best gift ever! 
  6. No, I do not do my dream job. (shhh!) But, I'm not sure being a sketch writer for Live from My House, It's Saturday Night (with Eight Pets & Three Kids)! is a dream that has a chance of ever coming true. ;)
  7. I would like to retire to...Wait, how exactly does one retire when one doesn't have a regular paying job? 
  8. The last book I read was Jacob T. Marley by R. William Bennett. (Yes, I liked it.)
  9. My #1 celebrity crush is James Spader (The Blacklist), followed by James McAvoy (Tom Lefroy, Becoming Jane), followed by Alan Rickman (Snape, among other characters). I could go on. :)
  10. My favorite guilty pleasure is letting Jon Farleigh and Dewi lick me on the face. Except I don't feel guilty about it. 
  11. I greatly dislike having my picture taken. Especially when I'm taking it. 

    Note: This will not be the start of something new.
  12. I attended the U.S. Naval Academy (in Annapolis, MD) my freshman year of college. 
  13. I don't do well taking orders and think most arbitrary rules should be broken. (oops)
  14. With the exception of my time in Annapolis, I've never (in my life) been without a pet cat.
  15. When I was in elementary school, I wrote lots of skits and recruited my siblings, friends and pets (cat) to act the parts. One involved robot aliens and florescent, black lighting. 
  16. After recently (a few months ago) stumbling across Stephen King's 2nd-ever twitter tweet:
    I replied: "'Boo,' maybe?" (Sadly, he never acknowledged my suggestion. I still love him, though. But, not in a Misery way or anything.)
  17. I can fold my left wrist nearly in half, touching my thumb to my forearm. 
  18. The only sport I ever enjoyed competing in was swimming. 
  19. I can burp on command.
  20. I've never been snow skiing.
And NOW, I'm gonna tag some people who have blogs, but whom I don't know on Instagram. Because this is a fun game! (And I already told you, I don't know enough people on Instagram.☺)

Take it away (if you wish)!

And if I didn't "tag" you here (or on Instagram), but you want to be tagged, take the badge and JUST DO IT! (I totally would.)


  1. Melted butter on popcorn sounds good to us. Thank you for tagging us. We must remember to have a go. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That tagging stuff is downright nutty
    Lily & Edward

  3. How fun! I was tagged on Instagram but...(I don't know Instagram that well, so I don't know how to get the photo on my profile and then post it with my answers). Great dawg, we are dopey over here. maybe I should play it on my blog?!?

    1. Hey, Oz. Well, since I have the image up there, if you want to play on Instagram, just save it and email it to yourself so you can save it to your smartphone. I took a screenshot of it on Instagram from my PC. :)

      There's no way I can type all that stuff on my smartphone. Plus, I was way overdue with answering those questions that Jenny gave me. :) (But now, I'm already self-conscious about the whole post! Ugh.)

      That said, I really like reading everyone else's answers. :)

  4. Love it! Great idea - it's hard to write out all the answers on your phone for Instagram. Awesome answers - I think I especially love the ones about not following orders (can relate), and living with cats. I'm having to live without my cats right now, and it just isn't really living without furs and purrs!

    I feel like I know you better! (and betcha I can top you on the selfies! lol)

  5. Loved learning more about you - that 2nd photo is too cute. Love the Steven King tweet you suggested. He definitely should have taken your advice. I've never been snow skiing either. (Too klutzy!)

    Thanks for tagging me!


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