Monday, June 23, 2014

Classic Cardigan: The Time I Dressed the Dogs in Grass Skirts and Taught Them to Hula (It Was for Sweeps, OK?)

In a blog post early this year, I wrote that if I ever became too tired to write something new, I'd just redo and repost a blog classic (which I've done on several occasions).

Two years before that - when I was posting new content at least five times a week, and felt terribly guilty for missing a day, even when I had the cruddy plague flu disease from Hades - I hastily published these two photos, out of a sense of obligation:

Yes, friends, I did that. The title of that post was "It Is Lame." 

And last week, I read on Twitter, or a blog, or Twitter and a blog (I can't remember those details), a quote from another blogger that went something like this (I paraphrase): Remember, your most successful posts will be the ones you think are the suckiest. 

Which is a roundabout way of me telling you that I'm not sick, but I am a little drained. So, while I won't post anymore lame-@ss pictures for the sake of posting, I WILL repost another classic. And (assuming that paraphrased quote up there is true), you guys are in for one gigantic treat! Yee haw! ☺

Originally published on May 29, 2012...

Determined Not to Slip in the Ratings (on account of adorable foster kittens), Jon Farleigh and Dewi Learned a New Skill

Cardigan Welsh Corgi hula dancing

Hana hou!

A `ole pilikia!

And, just when you thought this post couldn't get any more absurd just for kicks...

Posed for a few publicity shots to commemorate the "unofficial" start of summer.

Aloha `oe
Kipa hao mai

(Translation from Polynesian: This is our blog and don't you forget we are just as adorable as her our three foster kittens.)

(Note: That isn't the real translation.)

(Actual translation: Thank you. Farewell to you. Come visit again.)

Sincerely (your loyal DOG blog friends), 

Jon Farleigh and Dewi


P.S. June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month! It's okay; Jon Farleigh and Dewi won't care if you get one (or two)!


  1. Oh lord, I hear you. Sometimes I have all I can do to muster up a post. When I first started blogging I insisted on posting every day. Every. Single. Day. It just about killed me but I did that for just over two full years.

    Then I realized 1) I wasn't getting anywhere with my blog anyway and 2) why kill myself, so I gave myself permission to miss one day a week, which turned into two days a week. Thankfully it stopped there. BUT My Sunday posts are always simple, usually a picture and a few lines and my Friday posts are follow-ups which leaves me three days to come up with decent content. So far it's working for me.

    I'll happily look at pictures of your pooches in hula skirts. BTW I'm envious you can get them to do this. I put Delilah is butterfly wings once and almost wet myself as she bounced off the walls down the hallway.

    1. Jodi, my opinion is that you should try the butterfly wings on Delilah again, pronto, and get video. Because I might spring a leak just from the mental image! :) Also, my ideal posting goal is 3x per week. Four, as an exception. The problem is that the weeks keep getting shorter at my house. Perhaps I should move to a new one. ☺

    2. Oh yeah, and I remember when you did that post 365 days in a row thing. UGH! (Says the girl who also did it, but for no real good reason.)

  2. I was not aware it was sweeps week, otherwise I'd have considered putting MY dogs in grass skirts, too, because it's clearly a hit! You seriously do have the best dogs! :)

    1. Oh yes, Christina, it was sweeps alright! As in "let's sweep those adorable foster kittens under the rug," moaned attention-deprived JF and Dewi. ;) (Actually, I'd posted about 10 cat-related posts in a row at this point, and I was concerned some of my readers might think I'd joined the "other team.") ☺☺

    2. Oh, and they don't care much what I dress them in as long as treats are involved. They're divas on set ,though.

  3. Does your feeling drained have anything to do with the end of the school year? :)

    I hope you got as much of a lift revisiting the boys in grass skirts as we did.

    1. Yes, end of year was crazy, and that's part of it. Also a major life event, and family in/out constantly for a few weeks now. It's OK, I just need a little breather (aka remain stationary and read a good novel to clear the head; I'm working on it. Nothing like a juicy crime/mystery to clear the mind and get the creative juices flowing. Totally serious!). :)

      Yes, those grass skirts on them make me squee too, complete with squinted eyes and clinched fists pulled tight over my face, Like they're too cute to even lay eyes on!

  4. OMD, those pics are too cute. I hear you on the being drained thing. I am also quite brain dead. In fact, I'm about to do a Wordless Wed. post that will actually be ALMOST entirely wordless! (Unheard of for me.)

    I didn't know you could get a corgi to sit up like that, what with their long backs and all. So, see - I learned something here today!


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