Tuesday, June 17, 2014

That Picture Don't Make a Lick of Sense: A Roll of Toilet Paper

Y'all do know that all these photos have been previously published* on the blog, right? And that there really is a best/correct explanation for each of them? Because there is. OK? Don't forget!

So tell me, WHAT IN THE WORLD is going on in this picture?!

A. I was trying to teach Dewi a new trick: WIPE YOUR BUTT.
B. I was trying to teach Dewi a new trick: CLEAN UP YOUR OWN DIRTY MESSES.
C. I was teaching Dewi a new trick: LEAVE IT.
D. We were making a YouTube contest entry for a major toilet paper brand.
E. I was sad that Jon Farleigh and Dewi had stopped stealing the TP out of the bathroom, like they did as puppies, so I tried to rekindle their desire.
F. I was trying to funnel Dewi's poots through the TP roll, so I could collect the methane gas for my child's science experiment on alternative energy sources.

Leave your best guess in comments or on the Facebook page!

* Or, they're similar to a previously published photo and perfectly relevant to its corresponding blog post.


As for last week's photo...

E. Both B. and C. 
B. Jon Farleigh ran into a running shower to escape 3.5 collective pounds of menacing (alien) foster kittens, who - as you can see here - are not going to be thwarted (as normal cats should be) by mere liquid hydrogen and oxygen.
C. This is a snapshot from when Jon Farleigh told a tall tale to a bunch of "puppies," recounting the time he was attacked by freakish kitten mutants who wanted to eat him off of a silver platter.

The original post title: Terrible Tales With Jon Farleigh: Purrassic Park*

Also, Jon Farleigh's tales might be taller than his legs.☺ Poor dude just could not process the fearlessness of those teeny foster kittens!

* Yes, I actually did manage to parody not just one Spielberg title (Jurassic Park), but TWO (Close Encounters of the Third Kind), using the same post. Perhaps I'll go ahead and add that to my life's list of major accomplishments. I hope that doesn't make you jealous. (insert winky eye)


  1. I think Dewey is awaiting "the call"....you know, that desperate moment when you realize you have run out of TP...He's ready and waiting to come to your rescue! Sort of like a St.Bernard only different ;-)

  2. Leave It? Maybe you were caught TP Ing the house
    Lily & Edward

  3. I'm guessing E. That just sounds like something you'd do.

  4. LOL us too E we say. TP or not TP!!!! Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We vote for "leave it!".
    Love the kittens cornering the big ferocious corgi in the shower!


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