Monday, June 30, 2014

Safety Cardigan: Why Does Wile E. Coyote Play With Explosives? (Multiple Choice, July 4th Edition)

Allow me to repeat the question:


A. He is a daft, misguided boob.
B. He is a cartoon character and has no brain.
C. His creator, Chuck Jones, made him do it. He also gave him 3,478 (a guesstimate) lives.
D. All of the above.

OK, now answer this question:


A. Unlike Wile E. Coyote, he is NO daft, misguided boob.
B. He has a brain and he uses it, because he is real.
C. His person, whomever that may be, thought he would have fun watching things go boom in the sky.
D. He was terrified and chose to run off rather than get blown up.
E. All of the above.

Answer key is located at the very bottom of the post. (But I have a feeling you don't need it.)

In summary: Dogs hate fireworks. They are dogs, not Wile E. Coyote. Fireworks are loud and look like raining fire. Please leave your dog(s) at home, safe and secure, while you enjoy the light show.

And now, please enjoy the following Road Runner/Coyote parody I published (on this same topic) previously. (By the way, anyone else out there ever wish the coyote would get that blasted road runner?! [Perhaps blasted wasn't the best word choice. oops. #notchangingit] Does that make me a bad person?☺)

Originally published June 21, 2013...

((ring)) 'ACME Brand Pyrotechnics, Voice of Reason Speaking'

"Yes, hello. I'd like to order one deluxe TNT-powered rocket."

© Warner Bros.

"Um, okay."

"Yeah, so there's this beanpole bird that I'd like to eat for lunch, but he always outruns me. Imagine the look on his face when I blow past him on my rocket!"

"Oh, in that case, might I recommend the deluxe ACME rocket GPS? It's pre-programmed with the addresses of the 50 nearest Emergency medical know, in case you overshoot your target. It comes with a free anvil."


The good news, friends?

When it comes to pyrotechnics (fireworks), dogs are smarter than Wile E. Coyote.
They have no use for them (read: they hate them with the ferocity of 1,000 erupting volcanoes).

The bad news?

 When it comes to food, dogs are more wily than Wile E. Coyote.
They're perfectly happy to scavenge their bird (burger, steak, hot dog, chips, corn on the cob, etc.) when the humans drop or leave it unattended.

If the fireworks on our cheap holiday-themed headbands from Target were real,
the only thing you'd see in this photo is the pile of Hershey bricks (that we just pooped).

Clearly, dogs, pyrotechnics, delicious birds (and various other non-sanctioned "human" food items) don't mix.

And, my point?


Oh, by the way, I'm fully aware that (besides the 5 people who got here by way of a Google "pyro" search) I'm preaching to the choir. But that's okay, because what I really hope you'll do is share the following July 4th pet safety infographic (from Petfinder) with your friends, family and acquaintances (hint: you can always claim your finger "accidentally" pressed the Post/Tweet button)!

But that's not all! Click HERE for the full gallery of Petfinder's Summer Pet Safety infographics, including several social sharing (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) options.

Now, commence the party planning!

Bonus Audio-Visual Clip:

The Road Runner Show Original TV Theme Song!

Answers: D. and E. (You are so smart!)


  1. Great way to get the message out! Luckily Rita is used to fireworks (we live w/in hearing distance of SeaWorld's nightly summer show.... sigh) and not bothered by them, but still, we'll be home with her on the night of the fourth, just to be on the safe side!

    1. Well, that's a mixed blessing (about Rita and the sensitization to loud noises). I guess you're ALL used to it then. We have a bit of firecracker action around here on certain holidays (not us, neighbors) and that scares the poop out of my dogs, AND there's mad barking. It makes me crazy. I'll be biting my upper lip on Friday. :/ Wish people would just get sparklers!

  2. For what it is worth, not all dogs are scared of fireworks. Of my two, Koira is very frightened (and so stays indoors, in a covered crate, with loud music on), but Pallo doesn't care at all. I have taken him along to fireworks shows (with plenty of treats and ready to leave the second he seemed uneasy in the least) with absolutely no reaction from him. Of course, that takes knowing my dog quite well and being prepared to leave if he does start having a problem. And I have found at least one stray dog running loose in the two weeks around the 4th every year for the past five.

  3. My first Cardi LOVED fireworks! He would watch it get lighted and then follow the track up into the sky. Watch the next one, etc., etc.. , the whole while barking his fool head off. I am sure we were not popular as his bark could still be heard over the booms.

    That being said, Jimmy and Wilson HATE them, well, fear them really. This time of year, Jimmy won't even go outside after dark. He's so sure he will hear a pop from somewhere in the neighborhood, that he'd rather just stay indoors. It's sad, and it will take weeks for the left over firecrackers to be gone through, and even longer before he feels safe outdoors at night. While firecrackers scare the poop out of your dogs, it has the opposite affect on mine. They are so scared they just "hold it" til morning . Poor guys.

  4. Oh, a FUN post with great reminders for everyone! Excellent! I hope you have a safe holiday.

  5. Funny! Those are very important messages. Those boomers just kill us but mom blasts the TV
    Lily & Edward


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