Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tacky Cardigan: Wherein I Turn Corgi Anatomy Into a Workweek Metaphor

Yes, that's right. In honor of hump day (which is today, at least where I'm sitting), I have created an infographic of the workweek, except it's really a corgi.
Note: Corgi is NOT to scale. Just pretend you're mini Mike Teavee from Willy Wonka.

According to my calculations, I'll be positioning my butt on the fur slide in less than three hours. I hope it's a smooth ride!

So, tell me: What, if anything, will you do differently on Monday, knowing that you're about to enter the Cheeky Forest? Will your outlook for the week change at all? ☺

If you'd like me to consider a photo of your pet(s) for a tacky cardigan, just post it to the Facebook or Tumblr page!


  1. Very clever. The Cheeky Forest still seems better than 8 hours in an office chair!


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