Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Do Free Jones Natural Chews Have to Do With Free Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? Well, I'll Tell You.

OK, so you know how Reese's crack Peanut Butter Cups are may favorite drug food candy? (If not, consider yourself educated.) Well, OMG, if the Hersheys people didn't tell me that they'd noticed I'd mentioned their product a few times on social media, and for their upcoming blog anniversary, they were wondering whether I'd like to mention them again, except this time, they'd give me a giant bag of free ones to eat, AND they'd give me another giant bag to give away to a reader! And, I was like, "Does a Pooh bear eat honey out of a tree?!!"

Except, y'all, this is a dog (and sometimes cat) blog, and the Hersheys people don't even know I'm a person (which means I didn't get free candy), but the good news is: the JONES NATURAL CHEWS people (who make the equivalent of Reese's PB Cups for dogs) know I'm a person, and that this is a critter blog, and it was THEM who asked if we wanted the giant bag of crack Lamb Lung Puffs for the dogs to eat, and another for us to give away to a reader! (And, Jon Farleigh and Dewi* were like, "Do people poo in a tiny porcelain pool?!") Yay!

(*Except, the dogs needed me to type their hearty acceptance "speech" to the Jones people, which I did. And that concludes the disclosure portion of this post. ☺)

Jon Farleigh is a crack, I mean JNC Lamb Lung Puff junkie.

So, Lamb Lung Puffs. Sound delicious, right? Um, noooooo! Ewwww!! (Was what I initially thought, but then, I am not a dog, and these are dog treats.) And then I remembered the time I accidentally ate some lung myself, picking whole, steamed Maryland blue crabs, when I was much too hungry to be working so hard for a shot-glass-sized portion of shellfish. (Here's a tip: Love steamed crabs, but get something else to eat, if you're starving, unless you want to accidentally eat a lung [or intestine], in haste.) And I didn't die, or even get sick. It just tasted kind of bitter (compared to the sweet, succulent, butter-drenched crab meat). So there.

Which brings me to the top FIVE reasons why I love Jones Natural Chews Lamb Lung Puffs for my dogs:

  1. They're made in the USA of all-natural raw protein sources (from USDA-inspected meat packing facilities).

    Single Ingredient = Awesome
  2. The company was founded over 100 years ago in New York, by a dog-loving professional meat cutter named Jones, and has remained (now headquartered in Illinois) in the Jones family ever since.

    Lamb Lung Puffs look like pieces of dried-up well-done meat. They smell like it, too. 
  3. My dogs LOVE them! (They've loved every type of Jones treat they've ever eaten.)

    Training treat, anyone? ☺
  4. I can buy them from (not an affiliate link), my favorite online retailer.

    See Bertie? Yes, the cat. He chewed a small hole through the back of the treat bag one night, when it was still in the box it shipped in. Now, guess whether my cats like lamb lung treats (as much as the dogs do).  
  5. They use everything in their treats but the "squeal...or moo, bleat, cluck, etc." In other words, just because WE might not like to eat a lung, or trachea, ear, esophagus, etc., doesn't mean another meat-eating animal wouldn't be thankful to get it! Don't let that nutritious protein go to waste, I say!

    So, do my cats like lamb lung? YES! BONUS! (OK, half of the cats like to eat lamb lung. The other three are weird.) Also, Bobby Flay O'Fish likes to play with the treats before he eats them. Typical. 
Now, whose dog (and perhaps non-picky cat) wants to win a giant half-pound bag of Jones Natural Chews Lamb Lung Puffs?! 

(You'd better all be raising your hands, yo!) Leave a comment (and record it on the Rafflecopter) and you just might! (Extra entries awarded to those who like Jones Natural Chews on Facebook.)

I'll email the winner! Good luck!

* Entrants must have a U.S. or Canadian shipping address. 

Happy second bloggiversary, Jones Chews! Chronicles of Cardigan is honored to be a part of your celebration!

I touched a lamb lung, and I liked it. No, let me rephrase: I touched a lamb lung, and didn't hurl up a lung.  Neither will you (hurl).

Guess what? Maddox loves Lamb Lung Puffs. I'm not even kidding. See his tongue?

I told you! Maddox is to lamb lung puffs as Mikey is to Life cereal.
(Note: For sound, h
over in the upper left corner and click the speaker icon. Do it.)

Is it weird that I talk to my pets this way? Never mind.☺

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  1. Looks like they are a hit. Hmmm we can just imagine the smell and taste. Yummy. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is GREAT! Thank you! I think the Lamb Lung Puffs look like tiny grilled steaks, or like grilled portobello. Dang it! I've tried spelling that mushroom name five different ways and spell check still hates it. Hmph.

    Thanks for helping us celebrate the blogiversary! I'm glad your cats were able to join in!

  3. I think these are the perfect high value treat for my two!

  4. Oh boy tasty alright
    Lily & Edward

  5. I don't know if my comments posted :/ my page kept closing so I apologize if I already posted this. I found this blog post absolutely hilarious! My Italian Greyhound and foster babies loves JNC so I have no doubt that they would love the lamb lung puffs! Frankie would sit, lay down, roll over, back up, and go sit in specific spot for a JNC! :) Thank you for the giveaway!
    Taylor Hall-Tromp

  6. Would love to try these as I'm training new 6 month old Golden. Absolutely love your blog!

  7. Mr. N will dance for his favorite treats. And roll over. And shake. And whatever else his little brain thinks of.

  8. This stuff is really doggie crack. I think my dogs would sell their own mother for some. (Ungrateful beings that they are.) I have been using the lamb lung as recall treats and only recall treats. I'm not saying they'd give up a dead skunk for lamb lungs, but it might be a close call.

  9. My cat Bert got a hold of our bag of those puff and stole one out for himself. He eats anything, though, including electrical cords, so it was no real surprise. I just feel that dog treats are for dogs and I have to share with my two dog sisters, I really don't want to share with my two cats! Cute review!

  10. Hilarious. Love the pics. Love your voice on the vid. Rita LOVES the lamb lung! (Wish you were giving away PB cups.... Those Hersheys people should find you! Not entering to win the puffs cuz Rita already got 2 bags from Jones and we don't want to be piggy. Well, Rita does... but she's not at the keyboard.)

    Didn't know you could get them from Amazon! Very cool to know! Order a ridiculous amount of stuff from them. They shouldn't even bother to send me money when I sell a few books each month. They should just put it on my tab...

  11. A few of mine sit for treats; the others (as well as the ones that sit) just look cute. :)

  12. wow! that is one hearty endorsement for this treat! I'm sure that mine would love a bag. Lita groans like she is having a, well you know that thing that women have when they have s..e..x... :-) that's what she sounds like when she wants a treat. Reggie, being the boy that he is, simply looks and expects a treat.
    thanks for this great give away!

  13. I think that song you sing could be a hit...
    Love that very first photo of Jon Farleigh...his eyes.

  14. Bentley would sit up, shake and beg! Pierre will spin, roll over, and give high fives. They would also send you lots of love and cyber kisses!

  15. Shiloh will do lots of tricks for treats- everything from your basic sit, lie down, shake, roll over to more complicated tricks and agility! I think my favorite tricks of his are putting his toys away, taking a bow, and bowling (pushing a ball across the room with his nose to knock down kids bowling pins)!

  16. Great review! Bella, Terra, & Kronos would do anything for a tasty treat! They'll jump up on something like a log or chair or speak on cue to sitting politely. My favorite is Kronos's Meerkat (sit up), because he looks so silly when he sits to one side and does it. Terra's growl is absolutely adorable-she adds a little nubbin wag which makes it so cute. Bella loves doing a backward weave and she is so proud of herself when she does that trick!


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