Monday, January 5, 2015

Tacky Cardigan With Words on It, Squared: The Ugly Sweater Paradox (and photo fest)

paradox (noun): 3. Any person, thing or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.

I bought this "ugly" holiday sweater with the words "Let It Snow" on it for Jon Farleigh.
(Hint: That is why this post is a Tacky Cardigan squared. It's a "Tacky Cardigan" about an actual tacky cardigan. And, it has words on it. This achievement, to me, is like another person's completion of a half marathon. Not sure what the equivalent of a full marathon would be, perhaps this post. Anyway...)

I guess - notwithstanding it's in the shape of a dog's torso (vs. human's), which intrinsically detracts from the manufacturer's "ugly holiday sweater" marketing strategy - this sweater is ugly. I mean, I probably wouldn't purchase a similar design for myself, but ugliness is kind of subjective (even where dogs are concerned), you know?

Anyway, let's just assume the sweater - all by itself on a hanger - is ugly. But, look what happens when it's on Jon Farleigh.

Wait, there's more...

So, what do you think, now? Is it (the sweater) still ugly?

Here's my answer:

[represses gurgling noises] Ugly? How the flip can it be ugly when it makes my already-cuddly, floofy, loaf-of-Wonder-bread-shaped, doe-eyed, squishy, pookie-bear Jon Farleigh even more adorable than a diapered cherub shooting love arrows off the top of a cottony cloud next to a rainbow shooting out of a baby unicorn in a field of kittens?!

And, therein lies the paradox. But that's just my opinion. ☺

By the way, dog-sized, red buffalo-checked trapper hats aren't ugly (nor dorky) either.


Look at all the corgi fur exploding out of Jon Farleigh's sweater! Not even *I* realized he was that fluffy! It's killing me! More sweaters, please! For Dewi too! A lumberjack one! And maybe some snow shoes! ☺

But wait, there's even more! While y'all were celebrating, or sleeping in, or something, Jon Farleigh turned FIVE years old on New Year's Day! I can't believe he's five (and that Dewi will also be, in February). Where has the time gone? Here are a few pics from the day (some appeared previously on Facebook).

I purchased the Gingerbeg cookies, personalized bone biscuit and mini-cake from our local Three Dog Bakery. The sock monkey is just for show, and yes, the dogs got steak leftovers from New Year's Eve dinner at Ruth's Chris. Please don't tell them that it probably won't happen again, until maybe 2020, when Jon Farleigh turns 10. 

Happy New Year, everybody! 


  1. OMG! SQUEEEEE is right!! Way too cute. And congrats on achieving your half-marathon!!! ;)

  2. OMD! Don't let the word get out that corgis transform ugly sweaters into things of beauty. And entire ugly sweater industry will go right down the drain.

    And thanks for defining paradox for me. I always thought it was a couple of mallards hanging out. :)

    1. Pamela, (in my worst southern accent) I give ya paradigms fer that joke! :D Quack!

  3. Oh, that sweater is TRANSFORMED once JF puts it on! Totally adorbs! Also am loving Dewey in his lumberjack hat!! Happy belated birthday to JF! Love all the cake/bday pics. So cute!

    1. Thanks, Jackie. :) I'm not sure they couldn't make anything look good (or at least they'd get a laugh trying).

  4. Happy New Year! The sweater is ugly, it's "festive" ;-) But I do think the hat is adorable, for real! Happy 5th to JF!

    1. Oops! Of course, I meant....the sweater isn't ugly......where's my proofreader when I need them?!

    2. Hehe, Taryn, and I was just thinking, "man, I admire her honesty about that sweater." ;) But thanks for clarifying!

  5. The trapper hat is nothing short of amazing! Happy New Year! Happy 5th JF :)

  6. The sweater isn't that bad!! I've seen uglier, lol!! The trapper hat is darling!!! Absolutely adorable!! Also, Happy Birthday to Jon Farleigh and Happy New Year!! :D


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