Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Corgi Limerick for Ye: Out-of-Retirement, Kissing Fools Edition

This post has been sponsored, in part, by the letters C (for Cardigan & Corgi) and W (for Welsh), and by our friends at Merrick Pet Care (for providing the nudge to bring the limericks out of retirement, and for the "traditional" Irish food service for Jon Farleigh and Dewi during the photo shoot). 


Here have ye two corgis with tails.
From Ireland they're pretendin' to hail.
When truth-tellin' they ought
Their tomfoolery for naught
Since Saint Patrick was rightly from Wales*.


The real mystery now being: Was he a Cardigan or a Pembroke?
I suppose that would depend entirely on whether he wore button-up sweaters. (wink) (Also, he was neither a Cardigan nor a Pembroke. So, no arguing!)

* St. Patrick was born in Roman-occupied Great Britain in the Fourth Century. Although it's unknown for sure which part, some historians cite that it was likely in the area that became Wales (vs. England or Scotland). (And I needed the limerick to rhyme, so Wales is my final answer!)

Also, I am aware that Jon Farleigh and Dewi did not choose to be tomfools in tacky green headbands. Therefore, the joke is, in fact, on me. 

Good thing it was all an act, right?!

Well, the boys going leprechaun-y for the Merrick Kiss Me I'm Irish seasonal Spring recipe** dog food wasn't an act. 

Oops! Probably shouldn't've left that can unattended! ☺

Note: I do not feed my cats dog food, OK? Tigger's a carnivore and there was a can o'beef in her face. 
Second note: Merrick makes cat food too. 
Third note: I let the dogs lick the cat food bowls after the cats are done eating. Every day.

** Kiss Me I'm Irish Stew is only one of four Merrick seasonal spring recipes. Look for it plus Mardi Gras Mash, Spring Training Supper and Easter Brunch at your local or online Merrick retailer.

Bonus for staying this long: these adorable pics from a previous St. Paddy's Day post!

Jon Farleigh was a pot o'gold under the rainbow. ♥
Dewi was a leprechaun. ♥
The cat (Bertie) was a photo-bomber. ♥

Hey, I have an idea! Why not browse through our whole collection of adorable corgi-laced St. Paddy's Day posts while you're at it! 

(No, really. How can one go wrong looking at magical Irish corgis set to limericks and tacky prose on a day like today?)


  1. Love it!!!! Their faces are priceless and your words hysterical :):):)

    1. Thanks, Postiecat (M.F.)! You are such an enabler, and I heart you. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lara! I'm lucky to have such expressive dogs to work with.

  3. This post made me happy... then again, most of your posts have that effect on me. I mean, look at those faces. Beauties, all of them! :)

    1. Does that mean we make you sad sometimes, Christina? Cuz that makes US sad. (So totally female of me to hone in on what you didn't say, right? Drives my husband batty when I do that.) Thank you for reading! They are pretty cute, I guess. ☺

  4. Seems like Dewi was not very impressed that Bertie was enjoy some of his delicious meal!

    1. Dewi is never impressed with Bertie about anything. ;)

  5. LOL the look of horror was priceless. Hope you had a great day yesterday. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Thosee pics are SO cute. I would totally kiss them! The looks on their faces with that Merrick stew. Too funny!

  7. This post is hilarious and adorable. Mauja and Atka love this food from Merrick as well :)

  8. HAH! This was a great post. So funny!


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