Tuesday, August 15, 2017

When Dewi Met Georgia (A Red-Hot Corgi Love Story)

Once upon a time in 2011, I wrote the original...

The following blog post is rated NC-17 (No Corgis over 17 admitted), due to highly ridiculous content. Reader discretion advised.

As reported by "Dwayne"
(Note: Identity changed to protect the innocent.)

For back story, look here or here.

Sam.......................................The Patriarch (and Birthday Boy)
Georgia........................Hot Sister/Precocious Daughter of Sam
Bogey............................Georgia's Overprotective Half-Brother
Jon Farleigh (JF)..................Georgia's Nonchalant Full Brother
Dewi........................Jon Farleigh's Flirtatious, Hot Roommate 
Ginny..................................Endearing Eldest Daughter of Sam
Nick...........................................Adorable Sam Great-Grandson
Rufus............................................Nick's Sweet Old Housemate

It began as a sea of red (and one blue) at the watering hole...

Jon Farleigh to Rufus (with tail): "You seen any beer around here?"

JF to Georgia (under chair): "Hey, wanna meet my roommate, Dewi?"
G: "Is he cute? Does he have a job?"

G to Dewi: "Hey, I'm Georgia, but you can call me Princess. Wanna come under here with me in the shade?"
D: "Do you like bacon?"

D: "Your coat reminds me of sweet potato jerky and a stuffed Kong. Will you be my girl?"
G: "That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me. Wanna play tag?"

G to D: "You got me; now I'm it! Hey, whatcha doing up there?!"


**We now interrupt this blog post for "Cheesy Eighties Love Songs" as selected by "Dwayne."**

πŸš‘Georgia's Song: I Get Weak (1987) - Belinda Carlisle

**And now for the exciting conclusion of this blog post.**


Bogey to JF: "Dude, Dad's ticked. You better do something about that blue boy or there's gonna be trouble."
JF: "I think we're gonna have to lock her in the wire tower, man."

Nick: "Check out the moves on Dewi..."

Sam to Ginny: "I smell trouble in a merle coat. Have you seen Georgia?"
G: "Bogey's on top of it, Dad."

G to B: "Is that coconut cake up there?"
B: "Yeah, and bread, too."

 G to D: "Would you be a dear and fetch me a snack?"

G (again): "Hey?! Are you listening? I'd really like a snack, please!"
D (silently, to himself): Man, those are some loud mosquitoes. Mmmm, caaaake.

JF: "Good day, eh?"
D: "Yeah. You gonna eat all that?"

~The End~

The dogs in this post are real; however, the story is fictional. Any resemblance to your Cardigan Welsh Corgi or real-life events is purely coincidental.


Do your pets like parties? Do you like bacon? πŸ˜‰


  1. reading this on a bus so i can't LOL!

    what a complicated love story. such a huge cast too. so, let me get this right ...

    the girl got punished and put behind bars while the boy got to eat caaake?

  2. Hi Y'all,

    What a CUTE post. Loved all the pictures and captions.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Wowzers, there is enough spiciness and cheesiness to make this love story a best-selling romance novel :) Thanks for sending me into a giggle-fest! Looking forward to a sequel--perhaps Dewi and Georgia will meet again...

  4. Hmm, Dewi reminds me of a lot of guys I used to know...easily distracted by cake!

  5. Well done! Georgia says in her next blog post with Dewi she'd like to explore color biases - the forbidden love between a red and a merle :)

  6. I don't know what's funnier, the original post or GLP's and Red Dog Mom's comments. Great job!

    Just so you know, it was so spicy, I had to type in a password and affirm to the internet that I was over 21 just to read it. :)

  7. I just want you to know that this post sparked a lot of turmoil in our house.

    Alice has spent the morning sulking and grumbling to anyone that would listen about a "red coat floozy" stealing her man... er.. dog... er well you know what I mean. Either way she's right now taking out her aggression on Remy who made the mistake of saying "Georgia's HOT!" in front of her.

    Zach, on the other hand, wants to know if Ginny digs Dachshunds...

  8. What a good looking Corgi crew!!

  9. So glad to meet new friends. I am glad you dropped by, I hope you won't mind if I am your newest follower. I don't know many Corgi's, Ok, so I only know one and she doesn't like me so I am glad to meet you.

    I look forward to more adventures.


  10. I loved the story!
    And my mom had a good laugh!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Did Georgia ..(Georgia on my mind...I so love the song) ever get her cake? We enjoyed this post very much. Corgis have so much fun all the time!

    Tom & Julie

  12. Thanks for the comments, everyone. :)

    @Georgia's Typist - Well, it would certainly appear that the girl got punished, but I tell you, it's only my talent for tabloid-style editing. Yep, I think I missed my calling at The National Enquirer. :) (Actually, the Enquirer is borderline too high class for me.)

    @Happy Bark Days - I have a feeling no one has seen the last of "Dwayne." :)

    @RDM - Ha ha! I'm not sure I could touch that story line with a 10-foot pole.

    @Pamela - That's great! I wish someone would ask me to verify that I'm over 21. No one asks me that anymore. :)

    @Ana - OH NO! Poor Alice. ;) Tell her not to worry because "Dwayne" is, well, unreliable. A good girl like Alice should never trust tabloid journalism. :)

    I think Ginny digs everyone, but she's almost 12 years old. Does Zach dig seniors? ;)

    @Bert - Nice of you to drop in on us; we'd love for you to come back any time (if you can stand the drama). :)

    @Lorenza - Glad I could repay your mom with a laugh, since she makes me giggle all the time. :)

    @Father Tom and Julie - We like that song, too. Yes, Miss Georgia got a big piece of cake and she was actually pretty content in her "wire tower" in the shade. :) And, yes, you'd think corgis do nothing but "party all the time" (now there's a cheesy 80s song). :)

  13. This post was absolutely wonderful! Great pix, too. You made my day! :-D

  14. I don't know if there is anything MORE cute than this post!!! What a bunch of cuties and I love how you set it up!!!! Gorgeous photos!

  15. OMD! this is hilarious and I love it! You had me laughing at "do you like bacon"

  16. Dewi has some pretty smooth lines ...but well, you know, cake is hard for any girl (or boy) to compete with.

  17. I'm dying! Literally laughing out loud here. Seems like a corgi free for all. Is that called a "Corgy"?

  18. Great photos, they are too CUTE for words!! Love the happy ending. haha - Shelby G.

  19. Ha ha! I love corgi meetups! And I love a good story like this one!

  20. What a fun corgi party!!! :) I love how corgi people seem to plan meetups like this often. I need a mutt crew like this one for my pups!

  21. What a fun post! We don't see many Corgis at all here in New Zealand. Plenty of pugs (cute) and farm dogs (practical) but I have never seen one of you guys!

  22. What an epic story with so much action! "Your coat reminds me of sweet potato jerky and a stuffed Kong" cracked me up.

  23. This was so funny. You have to watch out for those blue merles - they are addicting. My sister has had 2 blue merle Aussies and they are beautiful.

  24. I am sharing this adorableness with one of my colleagues who is holding our school together. She's the amazing school secretary who loves, loves, loves Corgis and has been working nonstop to make sure everyone else is taken care of. I think your pictures will brighten her Thursday morning.

  25. LOL! I totally love this story...and was reading each characters voice in a funny dog voice and all. Too funny. The pictures are absolutely adorbs!

  26. OMD, that's the cutest! (I think my fave line was "Does he have a job?" Good girl!)

    (BTW... I have a new book coming out - it is a very silly rom-com, and the m.c. has a Cardigan corgi. I'll email you...)

  27. This is just *so* cute! Best little "movie" I've seen! Love all the pics! I'm still laughing...love, love, love it!

  28. MeWOW,
    That was Dog-on funny!
    Harry the Cat

  29. Dewi is such a smooth talker, I absolutely love the story, photos and your wonderful humor! Thank you for always helping me smile!


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