Tuesday, August 15, 2017

When Dewi Met Georgia (A Red-Hot Corgi Love Story)

Once upon a time in 2011, I wrote the original...

The following blog post is rated NC-17 (No Corgis over 17 admitted), due to highly ridiculous content. Reader discretion advised.

As reported by "Dwayne"
(Note: Identity changed to protect the innocent.)

For back story, look here or here.

Sam.......................................The Patriarch (and Birthday Boy)
Georgia........................Hot Sister/Precocious Daughter of Sam
Bogey............................Georgia's Overprotective Half-Brother
Jon Farleigh (JF)..................Georgia's Nonchalant Full Brother
Dewi........................Jon Farleigh's Flirtatious, Hot Roommate 
Ginny..................................Endearing Eldest Daughter of Sam
Nick...........................................Adorable Sam Great-Grandson
Rufus............................................Nick's Sweet Old Housemate

It began as a sea of red (and one blue) at the watering hole...

Jon Farleigh to Rufus (with tail): "You seen any beer around here?"

JF to Georgia (under chair): "Hey, wanna meet my roommate, Dewi?"
G: "Is he cute? Does he have a job?"

G to Dewi: "Hey, I'm Georgia, but you can call me Princess. Wanna come under here with me in the shade?"
D: "Do you like bacon?"

D: "Your coat reminds me of sweet potato jerky and a stuffed Kong. Will you be my girl?"
G: "That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me. Wanna play tag?"

G to D: "You got me; now I'm it! Hey, whatcha doing up there?!"


**We now interrupt this blog post for "Cheesy Eighties Love Songs" as selected by "Dwayne."**

πŸš‘Georgia's Song: I Get Weak (1987) - Belinda Carlisle

**And now for the exciting conclusion of this blog post.**


Bogey to JF: "Dude, Dad's ticked. You better do something about that blue boy or there's gonna be trouble."
JF: "I think we're gonna have to lock her in the wire tower, man."

Nick: "Check out the moves on Dewi..."

Sam to Ginny: "I smell trouble in a merle coat. Have you seen Georgia?"
G: "Bogey's on top of it, Dad."

G to B: "Is that coconut cake up there?"
B: "Yeah, and bread, too."

 G to D: "Would you be a dear and fetch me a snack?"

G (again): "Hey?! Are you listening? I'd really like a snack, please!"
D (silently, to himself): Man, those are some loud mosquitoes. Mmmm, caaaake.

JF: "Good day, eh?"
D: "Yeah. You gonna eat all that?"

~The End~

The dogs in this post are real; however, the story is fictional. Any resemblance to your Cardigan Welsh Corgi or real-life events is purely coincidental.


Do your pets like parties? Do you like bacon? πŸ˜‰

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How I Exercise My Food-Motivated Senior Dog Indoors

nutty old chihuahua licking a hand
Frantic licking of hands totally counts as exercise. 

When I saw the writing prompt for this blog post--fun indoor activities to keep one's dog's body and mind active during the warm summer months (or something similarly related to summertime activities with dogs)--my immediate thought was: I'm screwed.

Screwed because this post is about the benefits of feeding one's dog a high protein, plus freeze dried raw meat pieces, diet for whole-body health. To be whole-body healthy, a dog should get plenty of exercise. The problem is, the dog who's currently eating the food--Wellness® CORE® RawRev™--and who would benefit from "fun indoor activities," is Lele, my 11+-year-old, formerly crusty, wobbly kneed, mostly-toothless, half-blind and totally deaf chihuahua mix.

Like we regularly break out an indoor chi-chi obstacle course and/or tug toys! πŸ˜‰

How I Exercise My Food-Motivated Senior Dog Indoors in Summer

The truth is, Lele is old. And she sleeps a lot, like old dogs do. But darn it, she's not bedridden, and she can move with the speed of an angry mule when she wants to! So, what does she do when she's indoors, but not resting or eating (two meals and a regular snack each day)?


OK, time's up! She's either barking at people who've knocked on the door (because she sees the corgis doing it, not because she can hear the knocking) or jumping and running in circles all around me begging for food!

I think fierce barking, jumping, and running all around count for indoor exercise, don't you?

It's just that if one is going to rely on these activities (except, let's forget about the barking; there are too many uncontrollable factors) to keep one's old dog active indoors, one needs to have a reliable, daily plan. Here's mine!

Creative* Ways I Keep Lele, My Senior Dog, Exercised Indoors During Summer

* Creative, meaning how to get her to jump around like she's begging without actually giving her food and making her look like a giant baked potato with legs.

Exhibit A.

Note: All three dogs' regular snack time is at approximately 10 a.m. Also, Lele is on a low dose of Prednisone (steroid) to manage an autoimmune disease of her skin (which is what caused all her health woes when I agreed to foster her for the local animal shelter 18 months ago). A side effect of steroid usage is excess hunger (which is what low-cal green beans are for).

  • Feed Lele her breakfast at all hours of the morning, because it's summer, the kids are out of school, and I can sleep in.
    Result: Lele's biological snack-time clock goes off (which translates to jumping and running around and making piggy noises, wherever she is inside the house) every half hour because it (the clock) is confused. 
  • Stand in kitchen too long after feeding dogs in the morning, and make the mistake of opening the pantry door, and/or the refrigerator (can be 15 minutes after Lele just ate, but she'll still think it's snack time).
  • Cook bacon.
    Note: This only happens on certain weekends, but it ALWAYS results in strenuous begging activity. 
  • Go to the gym during regular snack-time hour.
    Result: Snack must be given late, which causes a snack clock malfunction (see first bullet point) through late afternoon. 
  • Run anywhere (in the house, and by run, I mean move QUICKLY).
    Result: Lele chases, which always ends in a race past the pantry door, at which point she stops to jump around and make piggy noises. 
  • Drag out the bag of CORE RawRev in front of her.
    Result: Yeah, I shouldn't be dragging out the dog food except at mealtimes, but if I did, Lele would jump all around and beg. 
  • Pour a second (and third, fourth, etc...) cup of coffee. Lele believes coffee time = snack time.
  • Unload the dishwasher when it contains a dog/cat food bowl (because when Lele sees the bowl in your hand, she will think it's mealtime).
  • Reach for anything on the shelf in the pantry. Dog snacks are in the pantry.
Note: When it's not too hot, short walks outside substitute for most of this list. 

And, now you know how Lele stays active in the summer! Incidentally, so do I (stay active, keeping up with Lele)! Yay!

How I Exercise My Food-Motivated Senior Dog Indoors

There Would Be No Old-Dog Begging Activity if Not for High-Quality, Balanced Nutrition


Lele has been eating Wellness CORE dog food (soaked in water) for over a year, but just last month, started eating new CORE RawRev (Wild Game recipe) with added freeze dried pieces of 100% raw meat. I am happy to report that all is well! In fact, I can't tell anything is different--she's still looking great! (Except, I know and feel good about her getting a little extra protein, added [unprocessed] raw nutrition, and a little variety in her meals).

Is your pet eating* Wellness CORE RawRev dog food? Buy one 2-5-lb bag and get one 50% off at PetSmart and unleash the power of raw!

* Remember to switch your dog's food gradually to avoid stomach upset. Refer to package directions.

Do you have a senior dog? How do you keep him/her active in summer (or anytime)? Do you feed a high protein dog food? Have you tried adding raw? 

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Monday, June 19, 2017

How a High Protein Diet Has Helped Heal and Transform My Seriously Ill, Senior Chihuahua

chihuahua eating food out of bowl on wood flooring

My husband burst out laughing the moment he laid eyes on Leona Lilly--my (then) foster dog from Richmond Animal Care and Control. Considering I had not expressly* told him I was getting another** foster dog before he left for work that morning, it was NOT the reaction I had envisioned.

* He had not asked whether I was getting another dog; therefore, I did not tell. Mornings are stressful, so I pick my battles. Don't judge.

** I had told him that I was returning Abdul, our current foster dog (a chihuahua mix with pharma-managed epilepsy, but otherwise, exceptionally easy), that day (he was due to return for a medical test so he could be released for adoption). If I'm being honest, I was counting on my husband to forget what I'd told him while he was rushing out the door, and not notice right away that Abdul had been replaced. I mean, how different could two, 10-ish-pound, fawn-colored chihuahuas be on the surface? I'd planned on springing the news that Abdul had been long-gone only upon confrontation.

OMG, what a relief!

Let me explain: so, Abdul (who we called affectionately, Bean, because he was shaped like a pinto with legs) was compact, calm, agreeable, clean, shiny, behaved, and thoroughly enjoyed a good nap). In other words, he did no wrong. He was actually a bit of a space cadet (why, no one was sure, but it was suggested that previous un-managed seizures had caused permanent cognitive damage), preferring to stare into space vs. have any reaction whatsoever to activity in and around his bed. He basically only got excited for food.

Here he is:

Leona Lilly, on the other hand, looked like this the day I brought her home:

OK, it's Ren from Ren & Stimpy, but they could've passed for twins, I'm telling you. 

Despite having barnacle-like growths on her balding coat, only three and a half teeth, infected ears, shifty eyes, and wobbly knees, however, she was taking no crap from my husband. As soon as she had him in view, Leona launched into the worst-sounding, throaty, wheezy, screaming fit you have ever heard come out of a decrepit chihuahua.

My husband must've really needed that belly laugh, because--despite her myriad medical issues, months of extensive (and expensive) veterinary care, and attitude--he never questioned nor protested her being here. It was the best foster chihuahua bait-and-switch ever executed!

You know what else?

Leona (now Lele, and officially ours) is fully* recovered!

* As fully as can be; we're managing the autoimmune disease of her skin with medication, and she's on a joint supplement for the wobbly knees.

And her, formerly nasty, coat looks GREAT!

Healthy Lele lives and loves hard. 

Y'all, she was balding, and greasy, and scaly, and stinky, and oozing when I got her. It was so sad that I only took pictures of her in sweaters, or of her face only, so no one could see how bad she looked. You have no idea how far she's come health-wise over the last year.

And it's not just because of the low-dose steroid she's on, or the joint supplement, or the fact that she's pampered and cared for, it's BECAUSE OF HER DIET!

Wellness® CORE® Dog Food Has Made a Huge Difference In Lele's Health.

Last spring, I wrote a three-part series of posts about Lele's journey to wellness, incorporating her veterinary care and treatments with a switch to an almost exclusive diet of grain-free Wellness CORE Wild Game recipe kibble. (Almost, meaning the kibble was exclusive, but I topped it with a scoop of rotating varieties of wet food.)

Wellness CORE, now in two kibble varieties. What corgi? I don't see a corgi. 

There were a number of reasons why I loved (and still love) Wellness CORE for Lele, but noteworthy are the benefits of high and rich protein for aging dogs' body mass and muscle tone, the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health, and mega fatty acids for Lele's skin and coat. All these things, plus (and this is MAJOR) the kibble readily soaks up (softens) in water, so I can mash it up for no-teeth Lele to eat! (No dog wants to swallow her food whole because she can't chew it!)

Oh, and Lele LOVES the stuff!

At the end of last year's three-month trial (and with the help of a wonderful veterinary dermatologist who prescribed all the right medications), Lele was definitely on her way back to health....though, we were still in the dark about the cause of her illness (more on that in the second post in this series).

Today, though? Lele is doing (and looking) GREAT! Once we got the cause of her illness diagnosed and managed, the balanced nutrition she was getting from Wellness CORE truly pulled her through.

Lele no longer has "barnacles," bald spots, greasy or stinky skin. She has the thickest, shiniest, regular (fairly clean) chihuahua-smelling coat that you will ever see!

And Now the Wellness CORE Kibble Line Has Been Expanded to Include Wellness® CORE® RawRev, the Same CORE Kibble Infused With Chunks of Whole, Freeze Dried Raw Meat!

Raw meat protein, in addition to appealing to a dog's sense of smell and being highly palatable, is packed with the nutrition that dogs need for whole body health. Though feeding an all-raw diet might not be an option for some (me included), feeding a high quality kibble with added raw meat protein is. And Wellness CORE RawRev makes this option easy, safe and convenient!

Lele has just started her switch from original Wellness CORE kibble to RawRev. I'll return next month to tell you how it goes!

Is your pet eating* Wellness CORE RawRev dog food? Buy one and get one 50% off at PetSmart and unleash the power of raw!

* Remember to switch your dog's food gradually to avoid stomach upset. Refer to package directions.

What is your experience with feeding your dogs raw food? Would you? Do you have a senior dog? Are they on a high protein diet?

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