Friday, October 2, 2015

[Sound Siren] Special Canine Weather Bulletin...Hurricane Joaquin Edition

Good evening. Jon Farleigh and Dewi here with a special weather bulletin.

dogs prepare for hurricane

As you might know from other, less canine news sources, we (along with millions of other East Coast dogs) are sitting here like rubber ducks, waiting for the uninvited arrival passing of that jerkface Joaquin.

[Begin interruption]
Me (from off camera): BOYS?

dogs prepare for hurricane

Boys: Yeah, ma?

Me: Hurricane Joaquin is not that man. It's not a man at all; it's a storm. The picture is a joke.

Boys: Like us in these raincoats?

Me: JK! Hurricane Joaquin is TOTALLY that man!

Boys: Uh, oh kay?
[End interruption]

Geez, how rude. *sigh*
So, where were we? Oh, yeah...JOAQUIN! So he's like this big giant man-head way out in the ocean, and he's swimming north and, as many of you know, is expected to pass right by where a bunch of us live, making this HUGE wake and splashes that might rain down on top of us and the mountains and make the rivers and stuff overflow. See?

And all this commotion and splashing is making all the humans scramble to buy all the bread, milk, eggs, ice and batteries within a million miles, because the peeps are worrying about THIS:

So, we would just like to remind you (so that you do not worry about our stubby-legged selves AND can take immediate precautions - as needed - for your own whatever-sized-legged selves) that we are prepared with our (previously published at Richmond Pet

Please also take note that in the event we have to use this guide, we will also be working part-time as human foot warmers.

Please refer to your other (less canine) news sources for current inclement weather information.

* Our power outage survival guide has only been tested one time, on us, and might not be entirely appropriate for your current electrical (or life) situation. Does not apply to cats. 

dog prepares for hurricane with raincoat and flashlight
Dewi, why does your jacket seem like it repels water better than mine?

dogs prepare for hurricane in raincoats
Because, bro, I'm Batman.

Be safe, y'all! (For real! Be prepared; flooding is NO joke.)

  • The Hurricane Sandy version of this canine weather bulletin was published previously.
  • Apologies to Joaquin Phoenix.
  • To the beautiful people of the Bahamas, who will surely suffer great loss due to this storm, you are in our hearts and prayers. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Amp Your Aura (and Karma) in Dean Russo Jewel Tone Tees From The #MountainArtwear + Giveaway!

The Mountain Dean Russo Rescue tee

A good day = Picking up a new foster kitten from the Richmond SPCA wearing my Dean Russo The Rescue Collection kitty t-shirt from The Mountain
®. No makeup required.

(Rescue cats are my passion, y'all.)

So today, y'all, I'm talking about The Mountain clothing company. More specifically, The Mountain's Dean Russo Rescue Collection of pet t-shirts - in all their bold, benevolent, jewel-toned beauty. I mean, do you see that shirt I have on?!

Wait, look at it up close...

the Mountain Dean Russo cat rescue tee
Note: I modeled it backwards so you could enlarge the image without my feeling cheap. Though, it looks pretty good backwards, trust me, the tee is much more becoming facing forwards. 

And, can you see that wonderful earthy effect in the dye? Not only is there interest in the t-shirt fabric itself, but due to a unique printing process, after one wash, I can't feel a difference in the cat design and the rest of the shirt. The 100% preshrunk cotton fabric is substantial (not wafer thin, requiring a second layer), but soft and non-constricting. I'm wearing an adult size SMALL (unisex). I'm also 5' 8+" and slightly fluffy. The small fits me perfectly when paired with relaxed-fitting denim. If you are smaller than I (thin/petite), you'll get a looser fitting top (would look great with skinny jeans/leggings), or you might try a kids' size XL

the Mountain Dean Russo cat rescue tee
One more backwards shot with my tabby soul man, Maddox.

Have I mentioned before that this precise shade of green is my favorite color? It is.

The Mountain tees amp your aura
This is what it looks like (using a special, neuro-light-splitting-electromagnetic camera lens) when one's aura is amped while wearing a The Mountain t-shirt. #notreally #theauracomesfromwithin #thispiciscoolthough

And that I love wearing jewel tones* and t-shirts? Especially cat and dog and the occasional farm animal (oh, yes, I ordered it) t-shirts?

the mountain Dean Russo cat tee

Made from environmentally friendly fabrics and dyes, in the USA t-shirts?

the Mountain rescue cat tee Maddox
Maddox could be the model for this tee, don't you think? Check out his HUGE polydactyl mitts!  

And pet-loving artists who put their dog, cat and other animal art on these t-shirts? 

the Mountain Dean Russo rescue cat tee Maddox
One more, with a derp face. ☺ Gosh, I love my old man!

And animal-loving companies that sell these artists' artwear and then turn around and donate part of the proceeds to animal welfare organizations, like the awesome no-kill Best Friends Animal Society?

Well, you do now! And guess what? The Mountain company and its t-shirts fit ALL those criteria! Yay! 

* "Neons can make you sallow. Pastels can make you look wan and gray. But jewel tones - from smoky quartz to pale citrine - make anyone look glowy."
- from this article at
The Mountain Dean Russo Rescue Collection tees

Y'all, it's not just me; these Dean Russo shirts will make you look positively GLOWY (even on the INSIDE, because your purchase is helping animals, hence the "amping of your aura"), and you don't even have to have a baby 9 months later! Score!

The Mountain Dean Russo rescue cat tee review
That's my sweet Bertie!

BUT WAIT! I've got a HUGE DISCOUNT for you, good toward anything on the whole The Mountain site (including their dramatic Big Face™ tees - hint: there's a CORGI! - and a whole other section of Dean Russo)!

** Enter 25% off COUPON CODE: MTNPETS at checkout! **
Code good through 9/31/15.

How would you like to win a year's worth of (your choice of tee, one per month for 12 months) The Mountain tees (for yourself and up to five members of your household. That's like 60 free tees!)? Well, you MIGHT, simply by entering this giveaway!

GOOD LUCK, EVERYBODY, and be sure to follow The Mountain on social media to keep up with the latest news and discounts!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

"Attention, please. Kooky selfie-taking pet lady in produce. Use caution when approaching."

Truth: I walked a circle around meat and produce about 5 times for this 6 seconds of video. AND, a manager with a clipboard scooted in beside me in the salad section, pretending to look at something in the case (when she was really trying to assess whether I was a nut case), before saying "How are you, today?" and strolling off.  I guess they thought I was using my camera to spy for a competitor. Haha, if they only knew...☺

P.S. Remember that "boxed" foster kitten I had in the first image? Yes, well, this is what came out of the box when I got home...

Richmond SPCA foster kitten Cosette Chronicles of Cardigan
Squee! "Coco Puffs" will be available for adoption at the Richmond SPCA in a couple weeks!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Tacky Cardigan With Words on It (Tabloid Edition): Pea Soup

All I'm saying is, maybe Linda Blair's character just needed to swig a bottle of maximum strength Kaopectate?

fake tabloid cover headline funny corgi

(Enlarged) Fine print:

  • This is fake.
  • No dogs or paparazzi were harmed during the making of this photo.
  • Jon Farleigh has never eaten a raw green pea (though, he has eaten cooked green peas, but not a bunch all at once).
  • He was not sick.
  • No one threw up.
  • Dewi did not jump out the window.
  • I have no idea why Jon Farleigh was angry at the back of the seat.
  • Maybe he was angry at me for not taking him to the CVS drive-thru to get a dog biscuit. 
  • I don't have a vegetable garden. 
  • I don't know how to grow my own food.
  • Elvis clones could be made from alien poop; how am I to disprove this?
  • I do not work for the Daily Mail (but I am not above reading it online, sometimes).

Friday, July 31, 2015

8 People Types Who Should Read 'All Dogs Go to Kevin' - Book Review + Giveaway!

I received a Digital Galley advance copy of this book from the publisher for my "reviewing convenience." And I was like, "Hot dang!" Because I've been reading Dr. V's blog, Pawcurious, for years, and I would've read the book anyway.*  I would not, however, have reviewed the book if I had not thought y'all should read it too. (Or, at the very least, gift it to someone who fits one or more of the people types in this review, doggone it.) And, while I'm being honest, there are affiliate links below. Your purchase will not only support the author, but also my high-end coffee pets' high-end treat habits. On behalf of all of us, thank you.☺

* In fact, she had me in 2012, when she published the dog** parody of Poe's "The Raven." I'll have you know, I am still finding (under layers of dusty dog hair) dried up remnants of my blown mind in the crevices around my computer desk.
** The dog in the Poe parody is named Kekoa, an endearing black lab rescue, who also has a prominent role in the book.

book review All Dogs Go to Kevin veterinary school memoir Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

From the publisher: "ALL DOGS GO TO KEVIN is a humorous and touching memoir that will appeal to anyone who has loved an animal or lost hours in James Herroit's classic veterinary stories."

I wouldn't know about the James Herroit thing; I've not lost even a minute in his stories (simply because they've never before crossed my path to read). But I will say this: if Herroit's writing is anything like Dr. Vogelsang's, I'd be smart to click over to the Kindle store as soon as this review is published!

My summary of ALL DOGS GO TO KEVIN: A memoir (meaning real-life, first-person life story/non-fiction) about a self-described nerdy female human who discovers - among other things - she's an animal person (after getting a dog as a kid), grows up, eventually gets married, goes to vet school, has some kids, and gets a job. Oh, and she gets a couple other dogs and a cat along the way, and learns a bunch of poignant lessons (from her dogs) about the life-altering love of animals. (Bam!)

Oh, and *full disclosure* some pets die. And maybe a person. And there are some really gross scenes in a morgue (unless you're a pathologist, and enjoy morgues. Speaking of morgues, Dr. V, what the heck was in that bag?! No, really, I need to know).

Wait a second.

What kind of lame review is this, anyway? I'm trying to convince you to READ this book, right?!

Oh. Kay.

So, it's really funny (I awkwardly cackled and snorted a few times at my neighborhood pool). And I rushed to tell my husband a few of the crazy vet clinic stories.

I also sobbed (in between snort fests at the neighborhood pool), but not because anyone died (I misted a little when those happened). I sobbed because *I* (from about age 12) wanted to go to vet school, too - was accepted and enrolled in a pre-veterinary track at N.C. State University, even. But at the last possible minute - and as a complete surprise - I received an appointment to attend a military academy (100% free education), which started me on a life trajectory as far from veterinary medicine as I could imagine.*** My point being, parts of the book were emotionally hard on me. But I'm better for it, you know? A little ugly cry (while submerged in the 5-ft section of one's pool) can be incredibly cathartic. Also, shedding tears underwater is odd (like my face was all squished up and stuff, but I couldn't feel anything coming out of my eyes. Never mind☺).

*** Until five years ago, when I acquired two corgis, and installed a revolving door on my house for abandoned and misfit cats. Then those events serendipitously necessitated my beginning this blog, with which I have realized my previously repressed dream of being an animal-related comedy writer.

Random, subliminal message meme.

OK, people. Whether you need further persuasion or you're like me, and have a tendency to skim straight to the bullets in blog posts, you're in luck: take a look at this list and see if you (or someone you know well enough to pass a book to) fits any of these types. If yes, then you should probably go ahead and read the book.

People Types Who Should Read "All Dogs Go to Kevin":
  • Ladies who work in jobs that require occasional bending, stooping and lifting of large, often squirmy, items. 
  • People who have had to pick up, wipe/scrub off, smell or look at poop which is not their own.
  • Those who've had (or plan to have) babies and dogs at the same time.
  • Crossword puzzle and Scrabble fans (you're gonna learn some new words****).
  • People who've ever taken a pet to the vet.
  • People who've ever been teased.
  • Busy people who only have a couple hours a day, if that, to read a book (this one is a page-turner).
  • Anyone who's ever wondered about the presence of pets in the hereafter. 
**** Including (unless you already know it) "sonorous." (Note: If you're a long-time reader of this blog, you might recall I once denounced the word and refused to speak it aloud in public. Well, as of today, I retract that statement. HOWEVER, I still strongly recommend never using it as your dog's name.)

So, did you recognize yourself (or anyone else) in that list??

Well, hold on a minute! Before you run off to Amazon, the publisher is giving away a hardcover book to one of my readers (who's based in the US or Canada)! Yay!

To enter, LEAVE ME A COMMENT with the name and breed/species of your first (cherished) pet! (Mine was my Siamese cat, Thomas, whom I got when I was in kindergarten.) Once you do, click the Rafflecopter widget (below) and record your entry (I'll use the Rafflecopter to randomly select the winner). One entry per person, please!

Good luck!
(I'll announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter, the morning after the contest closes.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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