Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is it with dogs and underwear?

Hanes Her Cardigans' Way
I was alerted by the sound of ripping fabric coming from the next room. 

And, just in case you're wondering, NO, they're *clean*.  Snagged out of the *clean* laundry basket.  And, NO, it was *not* a thong.  (Although now, they're nothing but a stretched-out, buttless waistband.)  Ugh.


  1. Still it doesn't compare to Ginny running around the basement during laundry hour with my bra wrapped around her head with the cups flapping around her ears..... (You had to be there!)

  2. Oh man do I understand your pain! Wilson does that a lot! He sometimes grabs them out of the shopping bag and run off with the replacements of the ones he has ripped up before.

  3. My mom and I were hanging out at my sister's on Christmas week...everyone was out except us and I kept seeing the infamous Amy racing through the house with something. Yeah, my sister's bra that she was carrying around.

    I did work with lady years ago that had an Irish Setter that would eat the crotch out of all of her pants and undies. Another reason to get short-legged critters.

  4. lol, that's a hilarious shot. I guess it's a thong now!

    Is it bad that I make sure my undies are out of sight but if Chewie finds my bf's undies... I let her run off with it?

    And thank you for your kind words. Molly was my bf's brother's best friend--she had a wonderful loving life. :)

  5. My Winnie love to steal socks and run around with them like she's won a prize or something. The only way to get them back is to give her something to "trade up" for.

  6. Thanks for the comments, y'all. RDM - Next time Ginny wears a bra hat, please DO take video.
    Chewie - when my daughter saw what was left of my undies, she said, "Now you know how it felt when he chewed up mine." (Assuming I had allowed him to do it.)
    And the Boys will steal socks and bras, too. Little underwear thieves.

  7. be thankful they didn't come out when you had people over for dinner... with an orange thong on his head no less!

  8. Kim - Orange? Well, bet that was fun to explain. ;)


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