Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Savoring as Clean as It's Ever Gonna Get

That was me this afternoon.  Savoring as clean as my house was ever gonna get - that is the "company" rooms in the house. (I try not to think about the rest of it.)  Anyway, as a glass-half-full person, I chose to savor the moment rather than lament that my house might never be that clean again.  Because let's face it, I have six pets.  Short of torching the place, there will always be fur, dander and heaven knows what else lurking in the dark places.  Or, the well-lit places, for example here:

This is a hair tumbleweed that I found
 on a lampshade this afternoon.

Oh and there will be no "training" post today either since I ditched training last night for a date with Mr. Clean and a Magic Eraser.  [What the heck is in those things anyway?]  Magic Eraser didn't fare too well:

Magic Eraser after "erasing" dog grime
 from lower two feet of kitchen walls

Oh, and Mr. Clean thought I should get rid of the abstract wall art by the dog gate.  See:

Hmmm, the coffee (aka: hen session) went well.  No one choked on a hairball or broke out into hives or anything.  I did get a few comments about our recent redecorating, like:

"That's not a baby gate, is it?"
"Wow, you really have puppy-proofed [referring to x-pen in family room]."  (Obviously that person hadn't seen the cabinets, carpet, chair legs, rugs, etc...)
"Oh, Elizabeth!"  [long pause]  Me - "Yeah?"  "Look at your cabinets!"  Me - "Yeah, I got over that months ago.  You should see the one over there!"

And my FAVORITE comment (actually took this as a compliment on my cleaning):
"Do your dogs shed much?"  :)

So I sat in my kitchen after everyone had left and basked in the pet-free - well 30 seconds of pet-free - sorta clean space.  Here's a peek at what I saw:

Don't worry, he only had one cup of decaf. :-)

OMG - she's gonna set her tail on fire!

Cat redecorating. :( 

This is the part where I snap back into the real world.  Oh well; it was nice while it lasted.  :)


  1. Someone once sent me a quote that I love:

    A clean house is the sign of a wasted life.

    Now I try to keep up with the housekeeping, and also live with a neat-freak, so my house is never in bad shape. But I don't worry about pet hair as it is such a losing battle. I sweep it up when I have time, and skip it on the sunny days! Having pets is just so worth a little dirt.

  2. Taryn - I like that quote. :) I used to be the neat freak in my house, but it's a losing battle now. That's okay, they ARE worth it.

  3. I love these pictures...almost had to double check to make sure you weren't in my house snapping the camera! They look too familiar! haha But it IS worth it. We love them so.

  4. Ashley - I've seen your fur-herd. You must floss your teeth with fur same as I do. :)


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