Monday, March 28, 2011

A peek into life with strong-willed pets - Dinner Time

Okay, before anyone runs screaming from my crazy blog - THIS WAS ONLY TOLERATED LONG ENOUGH TO GET THE SHOTS. I might eat pet hair every now and then, but I don't eat with my pets. That would be gross. :)

Eva is our Alpha pet. She tries this at every meal -- while the dogs marvel at her tenacity from afar (on the floor under our feet).

Not a place setting.

"I luuuuv you. May I have some, please?"

The day I actually set her a place (not that I would ever tell you that) - feel free to run. And while you're running, if you find my marbles, would you kindly return them to me?


  1. Believe me, if Rufus or Nick had legs long enough, they'd want a place at the table too.

  2. Ha! I love it - just for the photo op, though. I wouldn't want kitties at the dinner table either! But least she's sitting politely. When we eat on the couch in front of the TV (bad habit, I know), Oscar will walk right into our laps and stick his muzzle right in our faces. Not polite!

  3. What a personality! Hard to resist I bet! Funny kitty!

  4. BOL! Come on Jon Farleigh and Dewi! Get off the floor already and take your rightful places at the table!

  5. We love it that our corgis are too vertically challenged to table surf! They are not, however, so challenged to get up on the couch (OscarBlogger). We have rude animals here, too.


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