Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wild (life) Wednesday and a Token Dog

I've somehow managed not to photograph the daffodils in my yard yet -- even though they've been the only color in the landscape (other than green) for days. But today, a little something wild caught my eye and I couldn't resist the photo opportunity. 
(Hint: Click on photos twice for way-cool extreme bee close-ups.)

And the token dog...

[taken through the back door looking in]
"Here she comes; must be snack time."

By the way, bumble bees and yellow make me happeee!!!
Smile :-)


  1. That's one furry/fuzzy extreme-bee!

  2. We love daffodils, too - and they don't grow here, so thanks for posting the pics. Yellow is our favorite color, also - we love your blog template - makes us happy!

  3. Beautiful. We love spring. Love the bee close up
    Benny & Lily

  4. Tucker, we are so glad that we could bring you a smile today. :)

    (To all: That bee has been perched on that flower all day; I'm thinking it's legs are gonna be pointing northward soon. frown)

  5. These photos are great! I love daffodils too, they have a lovely yellow. Good thing you managed to also capture the bee in there.

  6. LOVE the pictures! How close were you to that bee & flower when you took those pictures? That's a gorgeous bee but it looks scary! It could stink you & make you look all puffy.

    P/S: Thanks for becoming a new follower of my blog. I'm gonna follow your blog too.

  7. Amber-Mae, I was only centimeters from that bee. :) The big fuzzy ones are surprisingly docile (and this one was just plain asleep). Bumble bees are the best! :)


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