Monday, April 25, 2011

The Many Faces of Bombus Corgimus Fluffimus (Jon Farleigh)

I have never had the honor of knowing a dog bee with more facial expressions than this one. :)
He just cracks me up!

(Anyone want to take a crack at a caption?)

#1 "I'll trade you my life for yours."









Bonus: Double Head-tilt


Happy Monday!


  1. This is why your blog posts are hilarious and mine aren't! I look at all those JF faces, and draw a complete blank!

    I look forward to reading what others come up with, and I hope you will post some as well.

  2. Spring is here! Love the headgear, especially the bee one. I'd take a shot at photo 3: "I'm busy making honey. Wait, where did the flowers go?"

  3. I don't do head gear, so I think
    1 Have I got to wear this
    2 OK if it makes you happy
    3 What am I doing!
    4 Hey come on have you got the photo?
    5 You have one second left to take it!
    6 No that's it, I'm not looking
    7 You're upsetting me now!
    8 No I won't look at the camera
    9 Just how much am I being paid to do this!
    10 "Dewi don't fall for it"

    OK that me done!!!
    Next time we go to Wales we will look out for Dewi signs ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  4. @Taryn - (smile) I might.

    @Lavi - Nice! #3 is the hardest one (to me).

    @George - You are funny...and impressive. I don't blame you for not doing head gear.
    Thanks for looking out for a Dewi sign for us! We'd just be interested in knowing where to find one. Have a good week, too.

  5. #2 - Maybe if I sit nicely, she'll quit taking my picture.
    #3 - I wonder how far down that is...too far for my escape?
    #4 - Whazzzuuuuuup! (said a la old Budweiser commercials)
    #5 - Duuude. Got any Cheetos? I've got the munchies.
    #6 - Friends, Romans, Countrymen...Lend me your ear!
    #7 - This is my impression of teenage angst. Whaddaya think?
    #8 - Pssst! Dewi! I hear Spencer is coming for a visit....
    #9 - I'm too sexy for this hat, too sexy for this hat, too sexy for this hat...whatcha think about thaaaaat....
    #10 - Hey Mom? Can you explain to Dewi about the birds and the bees?

  6. Lolz. JF is such a hoot. Let's see, one really stuck out at me, so I hafta share my caption:

    #3: (in the voice of Jacque the cleaner shrimp from Finding Nemo) "I am ashamed." *hangs head*

    Happy Monday to you too!

  7. @Builder Mama - Nice. You were on my same wave length with #6 (but I couldn't think of any words). Your #8 is just evil. :)

    @Ashley - I'm impressed that you know that Nemo character. :)

    Later today I'm gonna republish this post with a few captions of my own (you can thank Taryn). :) Have a good one!

  8. #3 I'm ashamed, I'm so very ashamed.

    Tee hee - these photos are awesome. It also shows how different they look without their signature ears! JF looks like a different dog when his ears are covered!

  9. #1 WHYYYY???
    #2 OH this is great for face lift.
    #3 What's a bee butt doing on my head?!
    #4 I believe I can FLYYYYYY!
    #5 TEE HEE
    #6 What do you think of this black/yellow cap with wings on the side of it? Does it look goo on me?
    #7 I need to pee...
    #8 Yo Dewi!
    #9 TEE HEE
    #10 We believe we can fly!

    That was fun!

  10. #10 with the double head tilt....Not a caption per se, but it reminded me of a scene from a 90's SNL movie. I couldn't for the life of me remember the name, but at last it came to me : A Night At The Roxbury . There's a scene where Will Ferrell and Chis Kattan are both bopping their heads in time to a song, but doing it in a side tilt. So I am hearing that music when I look at #10. Convoluted, I know :-)

  11. #8 "Did someone say Bee?! Where?"


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