Tuesday, April 26, 2011

With Captions: The Many Faces of 'Bumblebee' Jon Farleigh

Thanks to Taryn, LaviGeorge the Lad, Builder Mama, Ashley, According to Gus, Amber-Mae and Pamela for all the wonderful, funny and creative caption submissions! (To read them all, go HERE.)  It has been a fun exercise for me to see how everyone interpreted Jon Farleigh's faces (since oftentimes my mind's hovering just south of the gutter). :)

And on that guttural note, I thought I'd torture you all with some captions of my own.
(By the way, captioning "bee dogs" is hard!)

Jon Farleigh immediately regretted having gone
with the spicy burrito from Taco Bell.

"Hey, there; wanna see my stinger?" 

"Ackk ackkk ackk...I gotta stop smokin, man."

 "...la la la la la la la la la la la La...
Figaro Figaro Figaro Figaro FIGARO!!..."

"heh heh...Pull my finger."

Jon Farleigh refused to look at the camera until
his person agreed to refer to him as
"The Harry Hornet."

Jon Farleigh just realized he could have saved 15%
by switching to Geico.

"Psst. I see cat krispies under that rose bush.
Let's eat 'em and then give her a kiss."

"Guess what? I peed in your shoes. Oh, my bad, you don't speak dog." 

Bonus: Double Head-tilt

"Say what? Did she just tell us to do the Macarena?"



  1. Finally... a bee that I'm not afraid of! (Says the super-bee-phobic girl.)

  2. lol!!! I enjoyed reading your captions the smoking one was my favorite ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  3. How did I miss A Captioning Exercise? Poo. Yes, you should stop smoking JF. Stick to grass instead. Heh heh. Get it?

    Yeah right.

  4. I'm liking your captions! Very funny.

  5. Thanks, everyone. :)

    @AJ - No, no fear of these two Bozos.

    @Georgia - Yes, and I'll be promptly changing their names to Cheech and Chong. :)


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