Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Toy Is Mine

As part of Jon Farleigh's and Dewi's naughty adventure yesterday, they scored an empty shampoo bottle from a Child's bathroom and found the cap to be quite entertaining. So much so, that despite my bad mood, I allowed them to keep it for amusement. Unfortunately for Dewi, Jon Farleigh wouldn't let it out of his sight - even when he had no sight. You see, the "toy" was his.

But before I show you the photo evidence, I'd like you to get the 1982 single The Girl Is Mine, by Michael Jackson and featuring Paul McCartney, in your head. If you can't (possibly because you were an infant or not even born then), you should click HERE to listen on YouTube. (I release myself from blame, however, should the tune get stuck in your head.)

And now for today's Feature Presentation: The Toy Is Mine

"Every night it rolls right in my dreams...

Since I chewed it from the start.

I'm so proud I am the only one...

With whom toys cannot depart.

The toy is mine. [hum, hum, hum, hum]
I said, the doggone toy is mine.

I love you more than he..."

The End
I hope someone shares with you today.

Dedicated to the memory of Mr. Rufus B. Thumper, one doggone fine dog.


  1. Does Dewi get any toys? It looks like JF is a hoarder!

    Poor Wilson rarely gets anything that Jimmy doesn't take away :-(

  2. This is bringing back memories of that stupid sheepskin toy that Rufus stole from Nick. He dragged that thing around for weeks.

    Nick's current obsession is with my black eelskin stiletto boot. He drags it around everywhere. I have a picture I need to post on the blog, his shoe fetish is really getting disturbing.

  3. Poor baby FiFi doesn't get to keep anything. The big dogs ALL take away her toys. Bad Big dogs.

  4. Dewi only gets a toy if JF allows him to, which is rarely. JF took all those toys away from Dewi and then had the nerve to take a nap.

    Poor Wilson and FiFi.
    As long as Nick isn't eating (or wearing) the shoes, I suppose he's okay?

  5. No one is messing with that toy
    Benny & Lily

  6. Yes, clearly JF and Georgia are related. Bogey isn't allowed to have any toys or chewies either. In the Easter Egg Roll video, at one point, Georgia has BOTH eggs in her mouth. You can't see it because Bogey is standing in front of her but, that's par for the course with the Princess.

  7. Yup, the song is totally stuck in my head now. And I'm okay with it. :D

  8. RDM - Oh yeah, I could see Georgia being a little posessive with the eggs (she and JF have the exact same mannerisms that way). I gave JF and Dewi two dyed eggs that next day and all JF could do was worry that Dewi's was better. He eventually got distracted with "peeling" his own egg. Seriously, Dewi ate his egg in two bites, shell and all, and JF PEELED his with his teeth before he ate it. So different.


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