Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guess what?!

chicken butt

(Thank you, Lorenzo Llama on SiriusXM Kids Place Live for telling that joke, and brightening my morning drive to Youngest Child's school.)

By the way, dear reader(s), if you didn't at least halfway smile, I'm afraid you might be just as up tight as Dirk the Chipmunk was when Lorenzo told him that joke. :( 

(P.S. The joke is "Guess what?" and the punchline is "chicken butt." It was funny to me, cause I'm simple and immature like that.)

I have a silly silent video for you today, starring guess who?

chicken poo

Guess where?

In your underwear

(SMILE, it's hump day.)

Here's the video, in case you have two additional free minutes. It's called What are they thinking? (starring Jon Farleigh and Dewi - not poo - and not in your underwear).

(The video quality is dark and you will need your corrective lenses. Just sayin'.)


  1. 'Fraid I don't know what the joke is.....? All I see is a list of shows.....But if you are posting it, I am sure it is funny!

    Gotta save the Dewi/JF video for home....YouTube is a no-no at work!

  2. Sorry for the confusion, Taryn. I've added some clarification text to the post: "(P.S. The joke is "Guess what?" and the punchline is "chicken butt." It was funny to me, cause I'm simple and immature like that.)"

  3. Oh! I am very literal-minded, so seeing the link, I went there for the joke....Could also be that I am uptight so I didn't recognize a joke when I saw one :-)

  4. OKAY someone sounds a bit high today, BOL! JF, that leap you did was too funny! Dewi sure wasn't fazed by it at all.

  5. Amber-Mae - Not high, not medicated, just me - that's probably the problem.

  6. Cute video. I wish I could get video of Chester and Gretel playing but it's never around when you need it :)

  7. We loved the video! Why is it that they always want the one they don't have?!

  8. YDWWYW - No, the camera is rarely ever there when I need it, either.

    Becky - Dewi's "prayer" was answered this time; JF never lets him keep bones/toys. He's just like my kids. :)


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