Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Thickets and Thickness

A couple days ago I took advantage of good weather and snapped gobs of a few photos of currently blooming flowers in my back yard. Here are a few.

Peony - I have three, one each of pink (like this), red and white. This particular plant has never bloomed in three years, until now. What a fun surprise!

Saying "hello" to the sun.

Can anyone guess what the purple herb is? Cat people? Okay, it's catnip (or Nepeta). I suppose I could harvest it for my cats, but it's actually in my yard for the butterflies. Certain species' caterpillars find it to be delicious.  (Back to the catnip, though. Did you know that not all cats have the "catnip" gene? Click here and scroll about halfway down the article for more fascinating information about how catnip affects cats.)

This is a close-up of my white Peony. See the ants? Peonies produce a nectar on their buds that is terribly attractive to ants. The ants are harmless to the plant and will leave the flower as it matures.

This is a Rhododendron. These flowering shrubs love part-sun to shade and thrive in the mountains of the eastern U.S.

This is my red Peony. Its flowers have a strong damask rose fragrance (unlike the lighter sweet fragrance of the pink and white varieties in my yard). It is heavenly.

I like the contrasting blue background here.

Just beyond the Peony is purple Salvia (nemorosa) in bloom. Just beyond the Salvia are two Butterfly Bushes, no where near ready to bloom.
By the way, in case you haven't noticed, I have a big thing for watching butterflies and bees in my yard. :)

In about a week or so, this bud will open up to be a bright yellow Daylily. :)

This is a wall/thicket of roses (Knock Out variety). My patio is framed with these stunning bushes.

There are still many buds waiting to open up.

And now, the reason for the title of this post: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow...

Flat roses. The night after I took the previous rose photos, the water weight from a soaking rainfall caused all the shrubs to bow down and kiss the earth. :( I've spent a good part of the morning trying to free each of the entangled, thorny branches in hopes that the drying sun will lure them all back into the upright position. [sigh]

And this is Jon Farleigh. :)  His fluffy Corgi coat is was a thick, unruly mess.  (Doesn't he look like he's channeling 1990s Fabio here?) Since I'm not nearly as brave as Pamela of Something Wagging This Way Comes or Lori at According to Gus, who recently blogged about their respective dog's DIY summer haircuts, I opted to drop my fluffy JF off this morning at "Salon de Bermuda Hundred Veterinary Hospital." Although he won't be getting the full-on summer shave (sorry RDM and UHM; I'm too chicken), he'll come home distinctly lighter and brighter this afternoon. :) (Pictures tomorrow)

This is JF's buddy Dewi wondering where the heck his bro has gone... (Actually, he's watching the neighbor's cat and probably not thinking about JF at all.)   :)

...But, I am.  ;)

See you tomorrow, as long as we're here and not gone. :)


  1. Those flowers are so pretty! I bet they smell like paradise. Poor JF. I actually like him looking like a hairy beast. All those hair on him makes him look macho. Ahhh well! Can't wait to see what he looks like tomorrow. I hope he won't come back looking bald.

  2. You have quite the green thumb! You must have a very lovely yard.

    Can't wait to see a semi-naked JF tomorrow!

  3. I am addicted to this blog! I actually HAVE a life, but can't wait to see what Dewi and JF are up to everyday. The flower photos were a bonus

  4. Pretty pretty flowers. I'm looking forward to seeing JF all trimmed up. We are getting Loki a lion cut will be posting pictures (eventually) and those will be a good for a laugh I'm sure! ;-]

  5. One of my cats LOVES the catnip. A friend at work grows it, and will on request bring some in for Duncan, who finds fresh catnip extra special.

    My friend's advice to me when she gave me the fresh catnip the first time, "put it on the floor, not a table or chair." Good advice to prevent a drug-induced cat "wipeout."

  6. Ooooohhh - I can't wait to see JF's new look! If you're anything like me, you will desperately miss all his extra fluff.

    Lovely flower photos - it's been so dry here that none of ours are in bloom. I will live vicariously through your flowers!

  7. Beautiful flowers and you know all the names! Impressive! My personal assistant (retired now) has decided to plant a garden (the English type)in the backyard. We've been working on it! It will be interesting to see if it grows. (Her silk flowers wilt).

    Look forward to seeing the haircut!

  8. @Amber-Mae - Bald? No. Pantless? Yes.

    @Taryn - Someone else planted the stuff and I just prune it, as needed. I don't do annuals because I would kill them. Anyway, the secret is low-maintenance perinials, water and a good spot in the yard.

    @Peggy - I really like you. :)

    @Ashley - I love kitty lion cuts. :) Yes, please post photos.

    @Lani - All four of mine get loopy on catnip. I haven't tried the fresh stuff yet. The dried stuff is so potent that I have to bury the bag in a dresser drawer. I've had a cat roll off a chair, so yes, we keep it on the floor now. :)

    @Lori w/Gus - I do love his fluff... :)

    @Thanks, Benny and Lily!

    @Becky - I hope your plants do well for you. I love the unkempt look of English/butterfly gardens. Like I told Taryn, low maintenance (and hardy) plants are key. Sonetime, though, they just die on us (like all my azaleas).

  9. I adore peonies. Thanks so much for for sharing the shots of your beautiful flowers!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years


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