Friday, May 6, 2011

The Skinny on Jon Farleigh's Booty - The Summer Cut

As promised in yesterday's of the cut.
Just look at my boy's bum!

At its fluffiest and... its sheepiest (and this is after I told the groomer to take only half off of what he already had).

Had to leave some tail hair to balance out the naked booty.

Since we weren't going to shave him, the groomer suggested a "barrel cut" underneath to keep him cool (BTW: I declined the "sanitary cut" because JF got nasty razor burn after being neutered).

A better look at how much was taken off his forelegs and underneath.

But not to worry, he's still got his sexy red Jon Farleigh coat going on (just no longer dragging the ground).

(I think I might take a little more of the fringe off his ears with some thinning shears.)

All-in-all, not too bad, I'd say. :) 

So in case you'd like to know how much I paid for was $34. That included a good undercoat raking and brushing, haircut, feet and nails, ear cleaning, a bath (plus coat conditioner), butt care (look it up) and hair dry. He smells nice, too.

Next up: Dewi in the utility sink slinging soap suds all over me, cause I'm too cheap poor to pay someone for that. :)


Wishing everyone (that includes anyone who's ever taken care of a living being - human or animal) a very happy Mother's Day! 

See you Monday (unless I get a wild hair before then).


  1. Luv the cut! Anyway you look at him, he's a handsome guy! Happy Mother's Day back at ya! Have a nice weekend!

  2. awwww, they took away his "pants"! (Maybe you can take some of his ear tufts and glue them to his legs.) Still a handsome boy.

  3. What a handsome haircut. BTW, I call all that fuzzy butt hair Honey's jodhpurs.

  4. Oh, that's not bad, I bet he wasn't even embarrassed. Pretty good price too. The do-it-yourself wash by me charges something like 20 bucks just so you can wash your own dog!

    On a different note, I am breaking in a new laptop, w/ Windows7 and IE8, and your blog won't load :-( All I get is your header and the rest errors out! Yikes! Hopefully I can figure out what's up 'cause I sure don't want to miss your posts (once the old PC is gone....)

  5. JF took it all in good humor -- he does have the same expression as Naughty Nola -- sweet, but always hiding something.

    Taryn, try using Mozilla Firefox as your browser. Lots of sites that don't like Internet Explorer are fine with Firefox.

  6. @Thanks, Becky!

    @Cycle GMA (Nancy) - Yes, he's a streaker. It does look pathetic, doesn't it. :)

    @Pamela - Jon's would have to be sheepskin jodhpurs. :(

    @Taryn - Makes me wonder why I pay more than that to get my own hair cut.
    Hope you get your browser to like me. :(

    @Penni - He was just happy to have a lady feeling him all up. Poor sap.

  7. Thirty-four bones seems like a very good price! Have fun this weekend with your new cut, Jon Farleigh - bust out the no-pants dance!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  8. Looks good! Let's not tell Bogey that this cut is an option :)

  9. I love it - I was looking forward to seeing the big reveal and JF didn't disappoint. Sexy, indeed!

    I didn't think it was possible, but I think his trimmed butt is just as cute, if not cuter than the long butt skirt!

    $34 sounds very reasonable! We pay $19 just for the "butt care" alone.

    P.S. Thanks so much again for the great travel tips! The capitol looks beautiful!

  10. Isn't he embarassed to have his bum pasted all over the internet now? :)

  11. Now, that's a good lookin' dog butt! (Where's the emoticon for a wolf whistle when you need one?)

  12. Hi there! We're swinging by from the Saturday Pet Blogger Blog Hop. It's our first time participating, and we're so glad to have found your family of furry friends. Jon Farleigh looks super duper cute in his summer cut, and his tooshie is adorable if I may say so without embarassing him too much!

  13. Happy Mother's Day (evening) to you, too!

    I don't get groomed like that, but I've heard some pretty wild stories!
    Yikes, I didn't know there were all the different kinds of cuts. I like the floofier you much better.


  14. Cute butt!

    ...and I dread having to give my cats flea baths come summer. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm looking forward to it. :)

  15. He looks gorgeous! Not that he didn't before, he just looks a little more refined now. They did a great job. I've never gone to a groomer but $34 sounds like a pretty good deal for all that. A hair cut for myself, even just a trim, costs a whole lot more!

  16. Thanks, everyone. :)

    @To all who commented about the price - Yes, $34 seems a steal, especially considering how much labor was involved (compared to my 40-minute, more-than-$34 haircuts).

    @Shanimal - I'd rather perform doggie "butt care" than bathe my cats. :(

  17. Jon's ready for summer! He's rocking the casual "surfer cool" look quite well!


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