Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eva's Debut on Richmond Pet Lovers (dot) com

On this last day of adopt-a-shelter-cat month, Eva (pictured sunning her spoiled self above) has agreed to make a guest appearance over at Richmond Pet Lovers (dot) com's blog. (Note: She is a hard gig to book.)

Why not pop on over there, hear her out and maybe shoot her some fan mail?


  1. What a cutie. Hope all these kitties get adopted
    Benny & Lily

  2. why are your doggies and kitties always appearing in the press and other media stuff? are you like, FAMOUS?

  3. GLP's Typist - No, we'd be more likely to wind up infamous; however, thankfully, we are neither. We just know people. :) (Sarah at asked me to guest post because she and her team were short on personal cat stories.)

  4. meoww,, am here.. can u catch me? shhh... dont make noise,, plz hide... hide fast... what a game yar..? visit
    blog for those who love black & white... we must love nature,,,the beauty of our life..


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