Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some not so great photos of some really great dogs - at the dog show

I have many other great photos from our Cardigan Corgi "social" this past weekend, but those are saved for another day this week. These photos were taken inside the dog show venue (which, by the way, was painted an off white color and had poor lighting; therefore, my camera was struck dumb and only managed these poor excuses for pictures) and I'd really like to share them with you. :)

Jon Farleigh has just asked me to "pinch him because this can't be real."  :)

Jon Farleigh's sister, Georgia, in the show ring. Such a pretty girl!

Dewi still under the influence of Oscar Mayer wiener (after the CGC test)
(If you click the photo to enlarge, you'll see that Dewi's got a Belgian Sheepdog wanting some of that "good stuff" too.)

The pretty Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was Best of Breed on Sunday

This lovely rear end belongs to an Irish Wolfhound. Oh, by the way, that was no small Doberman Pinscher either.

Three little pigs French Bulldogs - so cute!  (Not as cute as Benny and Lily though.)


This is the devastatingly handsome Rush (the Cardigan Welsh Corgi) and his owner/handler, Heidi.

Rush was Best of Breed on Sunday, which earned him a place to compete in the Herding Group. He placed fourth! Here he is lined up with the other Herding Group winners: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (3rd), Old English Sheepdog (2nd) and Border Collie (1st) - all gorgeous dogs! We had so much fun!


I hope you get to do something fun today!


  1. Whoops -- Dash is Rush, but is indeed devastatingly handsome. A nice sampling of what can be seen at the dog show.

  2. Quick correction - Heidi's boy's name is Rush. And the picture of Georgia is great. I'll send you a link to video of Em showing Sally.

  3. PS - Don't feel bad about getting Rush's name wrong. Ann kept calling him 'Thrash.' :)

  4. Corrected! Thank you! (I did that ALL weekend - could not keep it straight. Oh, Rush, how could I do that to you?!) :)

  5. What a good looking bunch. Jon Farleigh's sister is a real knock out!!


  6. At least you didn't call him Rash.

  7. You are a total pro at the show! Good job
    Benny & Lily

  8. Thanks for sharing all those pictures!
    Sure it was pawesome, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  9. JF's sister looked beautiful in the ring! Congratulations to her on her win! Hoomie Melissa handled her mentor's Pembroke Welsh Corgi last weekend at the show I was competing at & the dog who is named Jack, looked quite similar to the one that took BOB.

  10. I share your delight at the Wire Haired Dachshunds --have you read A Nose for Justice by Rita Mae Brown? One of the protagonists is a WHD. I fell in love with them reading the book and you got a GREAT picture of one~~and yeah, I'm sure you have time to lie around and read w/ 3 kids and 2 Cardis...Cliff Notes?

  11. What a good looking bunch! I loved those three little piggies...Frenchies...

  12. @Peggy - I have not read that book, but will look into it. Since you like my blog and WHDs, I'm sure it's right up my alley. And I can read in the strangest of situations.

  13. i love blurry pictures, can't you tell? :p

    so glad i finally can comment again. if that dobermann isn't a midget, that can only mean the irish is rather enormous.

    i should be grateful G is more ridgy greyt than irish. shouldn't i? we'd have to move house to have a dog that size!

    have a lovely weekend xox


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