Friday, July 1, 2011

Of Big Brothers, 'Female Dogs' and Unrequited Love (It was a GREAT day!)

The following blog post has been rated NC-17 (no corgis over 17 allowed) due to one completely innocent scene in which technically correct language is used. Reader discretion advised.

Note: Regrettably, "Dwayne," special tabloid correspondent, could not be reached for comment. Rumor has it he's (sulking) taken holiday on a remote ranch in the Chihuahuan Desert.


So last Saturday after the dog show, there was a Cardi party (proving that, yes, where there are Cardis, a party cannot be far behind).

There were typical introductions and exchanges of pleasantries...

...and pretty quickly, old relationships revisited...
Dewi to Georgia: "Hey; how's it going?"

Georgia to Dewi: "I think it's better that we're just friends."

...only to be followed by awkward silences.

And there were "big" (in the physical sense - they're littermates) brothers protecting "little" (in stature only - this girl is large on personality) sisters...
...from Dewi...
...and Rush
...whether she needed protecting or not.

And she ate it up.
Georgia loves her brother, Jon Farleigh. <3

And new friendships blossomed...
Dewi and Alley

...while some did not. 
Rush (who, attempting to be a gentleman, opted not to use slang terms) to Georgia: "You are a beautiful bitch; wanna play?"

Georgia (who sadly misunderstood Rush's intentions): "Who you calling a bitch, dog-breath; it's Princess, and NO, I do not want to play!"
(Please, oh please, click to enlarge this photo!)

(No worries though, Rush quickly brushed it off.)
Rush to his daughter, Alley: "This is one cool party, huh?"

All-in-all, it was one fantastic day!

Young hunk alert!
Flirt too...

Young babe alert!


And moving to the porch...
Spencer and Bogey (JF's and Georgia's half-brother) (So sorry, Bogey, all I got out of all these shots was your rear end. Will make it up sometime, dude.)

Spencer :)

The lovely, Scout (Nick's and Sally's mama)

Spencer and Scout

And back outside...
Georgia, aka: Princess Pretty Pants


Until next time...

Have a fantastically fun weekend!

The Chronicles of Cardigan would like to thank Anne Taylor of Fine Creek Cardigan Welsh Corgis for a delightful afternoon.


  1. Looks like Jimmy and Wilson (and I as well!) missed out on one fun Cardi-Party! AROOOOooooooo!

  2. Holy Cow, what a great corgi party.

    I was kinda crushin on Sally. She is a cutie-patootie

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  3. Great recap!!! I think everyone, including the hoomans, had fun!

  4. Excellent recap! Would you please send me, and Liz H., the picture of JF and Georgia under the tree? That's just a great picture of the sibs.

  5. Awww looks like a great day! So much cuteness going on! Hope you have a great holiday!

  6. Sniffing Edition!
    Great post!
    Sure you all had a pawesome time!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Wow, you Cardis have some fun! Great photos :-D

  8. Oooh wow so many Corgis running all over the place! Looked like you all had a great time. And btw, you all have such gorgeous feet!

  9. Thanks, everyone, for the nice notes! We are some party animals over here! :)

  10. There needs to be a TV show called Cardi Party. Stat.


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