Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wacky Blog Stats, Keyword Searches and a Note for the Reader Who Certainly Didn't Find the Right Answer

My blog stats have been peculiar over the last 36 hours. I'll just say that there's been "oddly excessive traffic." Has anyone else noticed this with your own blog?


While on the same topic of blog stats, some of you might recall the post I wrote a while back concerning strange search words readers have used to find my blog. Well, it shouldn't be surprising to anyone, who's read more than three of my posts, that readers might still (occasionally) hit my blog with some seriously out-of-context search word strings, for example:

"there's a turd in the herd"
"fat guy wearing a cardigan"

While it's doubtful that any of these searches amounted to more than a passing blog glimpse - and I'm totally okay with that - I just hope the people eventually found what they were looking for. (Because they certainly didn't find it here.)


But on a serious note, I am a bit concerned for the reader who took a detour to my blog yesterday with the following search string:

"dog licking private areas constantly leaves puddles of liquid"

So with that, I say:

Dear Accidental Reader,

If by any chance, you are still searching for help (and note that I am not formally educated in any form of medicine whatsoever), I think that your dog might actually need to see a veterinarian (or therapist) about that. I hope it all turns out okay.




Has anyone found your blog using "strange" search words lately?


  1. I get "face fighting" and "umbrella girls" as I have posted photos/video of the baby puppies chewing on each other's faces and a photo of my co-workers walking in a parade with big umbrellas. I have been afraid to google those terms to see what people might have really been looking for.

  2. My blog stats say I had 237 pageviews yesterday which seems quite high. My biggest traffic source was people coming over from the Daily Corgi. No odd search words though.....

  3. @Solstice - I can maybe see face fighting as a legit dod-related search, but umbrella girls does seem a bit questionable. ;)

    @Taryn - I'm also getting gobs of referrals from The Daily Corgi, and lots more than normal international traffic. I wonder if spammers are hitting all TDC's links (I think I saw Ruffy Speaking post something about high stats yesterday). I HOPE not!

  4. I don't have any key words search results, probably for 2 reasons. 1) I don't "label" my posts and 2) I have my blog account set up so it is not searchable on the web. To get to me, you have to know about me or come from a friend's blog. I too am seeing huge referrals from The Daily Corgi.

  5. LOL!!! my stats shot up and wondered why, it turned out my new furiend had twittered about my blog, you will get to see him on this weeks Steps :)
    The funny one I had was my post "moms not here take alook at this!!!" he or she must have had a shock when it turned out to be a dog blog LOl!!because they where looking at how can I put it adult sites
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  6. Hi Y'all,

    My stats have been double normal traffic the last 2 days.

    Odd search words are "gator snapping in dogs". Since we have alligators in these parts and I frequently refer to them as "gators" I didn't think too much about it. "best bol to use with e collar on cat" was the one that got me.

    The other odd ball thing is that blogger will not allow me to post using google id when comment does not open on a separate page. Go figure. Today it isn't allowing me to use the LiveJournal account either. I may never get this posted.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. The hits on my blog have been much higher than normal, too. MUCH higher. And here I thought people were just keenly interested in my photos from the family trip to London ;)

  8. Haaa!
    It is pawesome to know what people are looking for, right??
    Kisses and hugs

  9. @RDM - You have a Ft. Knox blog. :)

    @George - Oh no, kids looking at adult content! Yes, I bet they were surprised to see your bearded smile looking back at them! Haha.

    @Hawk - Hmmm. I wouldn't think you'd be an expert on cat bowls. :) Who knows how that happened!

    @Lani - I'm sure there is keen interest in your UK photos! I, however, have dog butts and SPAM. How embarrassing.

  10. Yeah, I think Blogger's definitely having a bit of a personal crisis. My stats for today when I checked earlier were crazy high, and then I checked again and it showed maybe a tenth of the number it showed before. Whacky.

    Most of the search words that got people to my site made sense. Others were a bit stranger: "romania oscar fur farm house" was interesting, and I'm not sure about "the disappearing toy shop," but my favourite set of keywords was "schnauzer squat pee." No surprise that the average time on the site for those ones was "00:00." Although I have to say, Oscar does still squat to pee (we neutered him before he learned to lift his leg I guess) but I suppose there was nothing helpful about it on the site because I've never blogged about how he pees. Maybe if I have a slow news day. :)

    Fun post!

  11. The strangest one I get hits from is "Tandoori Elk" since apparently, I am the only person to have posted a recipe for it or something.

  12. Yeeeeeah, my "viewers" numbers have spiked up! When I checked the sources they were coming from, it didn't make any sense. That's when I figured that Blogger was playing a mean, mean joke on me.

    No, I haven't had any fun search words. Sadly.

  13. No problem with mine so far. I think it's just one of those typical Blogger glitches again. No weird searches for me either. How boring.

  14. So, are you saying that there are no turds in your herd? Or that you just have never blogged about it? :-0

  15. I don't know why, but that search term made me laugh. What are people thinkin'? lol

    Happy Friday woofs & hugs,


  16. @OscarBlogger - I so want you to blog about how Oscar pees! :)

    @K - A recipe for Tandoori Elk? Haha!

    @Shanimal - Blogger IS mean!

    @Talking Dogs - My herd might have a few turds. :)


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