Monday, June 13, 2011

Because I'm Dragging My Feet, Here Are Some Feet

Dragging my feet regarding today's post, that is.

It's hard to sit in front of the computer thinking up stuff when it's sunny and 78 F (26 C) right outside my window. (Last week, in comparison, was 20 degrees warmer.)  So, I've decided not to think, but to show you some feet. :)

Don't you just love furry feet (animal not human )?


  1. Great feet! But you need to abandon that pc and get outside (before Mother Nature remembers and turns up the heat!)

  2. I am pretty sure the 1st three footies do not belong to dogs.

  3. Those sure are some cute feets!
    Benny & Lily

  4. Awww sweet paws! Thanks for the smiles! :)

  5. Your pictures me think of the line from Carl Sandburg's poem, Fog: "The fog comes on little cat feet."

    Hopefully it's just poetic and not a weather forecast for your beautiful spring day. :)

  6. All those are pawesome furry feets!
    Happy Monday!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Furry feet are good :)
    One question..Where is the mud? BOL


  8. Yes, animal paws are so much cuter than humans'.

  9. Hi Y'all!

    So cute! You had my Human laughing!

    We had a HUGE thunderstorm last night and it is much cooler this morning. It's only 70 Fahrenheit...that's before sunrise. When the sun comes up the humidity will wipe out any feeling of "cooler".

    We've been for our morning stroll. I'm dozing and Momma is relaxing on the porch instead of fixing breakfast for me and Papa.

    Y'all stay cool.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. Hello hello, Cardis !!!
    Big licks from another Cardi living in Japan, and her Pem Sister.

  11. i so loveeeeeeeeee furry feet... be it animal orrrrrr human *LOL*

  12. Thanks, everyone! Glad the feet were a hit; I have lots of them to share.

    @Talking Dogs - I shouldn't be sitting here right now, either, so look for another "thoughtless" post today. :)

    @Amber - You are an observant dog! :)

    @Pamela - Yay! A classic poet who I like! I do believe it was that line in that poem that convinced me Carl Sandburg was a cat person, so he must be alright. :) No fog here, though.

    @Wyatt - What mud? :) It's not like Jon Farleigh ran through standing dirty ditch water or anything.

    @Shanimal - Especially the furry human feet. :(

    @Hawk - I'm so glad you had a little "cool" this morning. (And your person, too.) We know what humidity can do to an otherwise good weather day. Maybe you could persuade your person to give you an extra "treat" today. :)

    @Flo - Thank you so much for leaving me your "calling card." How exciting to meet new international Corgi friends! Hope you come back soon. :)

  13. Very very very very nice feet.

    Much prettier than human ones!

    Love and licks, Winnie

  14. I like the paw post. Very cute.


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