Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dewi doing Gary Coleman doing Arnold from Diff'rent Strokes

'Member this face?

"Whatchu talkin bout, Willis Jon Farleigh???"
(Link goes to a cute Diff'rent Strokes video.)

It's possible that Jon Farleigh (who was guarding all the tug toys) was trying to give Dewi an economics lesson on monopoly. :)


To be clear, have a great Wednesday!


  1. Very cute, Dewi - will we be seeing you in a celebrity look-alike contest soon?

  2. I'm thinking Mr. JF should be watching Sesame Street or Barney and learning about sharing! Or maybe the toys should come up if he can't play nice :)

  3. Dewi's too young to remember Diff'rent Strokes. Who taught him that look?

  4. @Sara - Dewi says not a chance. :)

    @RDM - Ha ha. I can't even get my own kids to do what the muppet's say sometimes. And I have to take up their "toys," too.

    @Pamela - Good one. :) Maybe he saw me do it. :)


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