Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happiness is...a tug rope!

Aside from eating (and maybe being glued to my side), this is Jon Farleigh's favorite thing in the world to do:

 "Play, please?"

Ready, set...



Blisssssss :)

What's your dog's favorite game to play?


BTW, this might be the first in a series of "Happiness is..." posts. Could be fun going around with my camera trying to catch the dogs (and cats) in the act of bliss. ;)


  1. For agility the instructors want the dogs to learn hand-touch. Hold out a hand when the dog touches his/her nose to it, they get a treat from the other hand. That has turned into the all-time favorite game at my house. If my palm is open -- no matter what I'm doing -- I will feel a cold, wet nose, and some soulful eyes will silently ask "where's the treat." De-stuffing all toys is also right up there.

  2. Magic says tugging is great but ball is AWESOME.

  3. Wilson's favorite thing is playing "Stick!" This involves fetching the stick out of any body of water, the deeper the better, but even ankle-deep is good. Wilson can be hauling off after a deer, and all I have to do is shout is "Stick! Stick! Stick!" and he comes barreling back to me. had we kept going with the herding lessons i think that would have eclipsed the stick.

    Jimmy is gung-ho about every single game he plays. But his favorite is probably being Fun Police to anything Wilson might be enjoying.

  4. Honey likes to play fetch. But she LOVES to tug!

    Could we borrow Jon Farleigh to pull on the other end of her rope? My wrists are getting sore.

  5. Spence loves tugging too, but he is leary of tugging with Scout, because she cheats. When she gets ready to win, she goes for his nose.

  6. Rudy's favorite game is fetch. Fetch the flying disc, fetch the jolly ball, fetch the squeaker toy, fetch the stick, fetch the limb off a rose bush (complete with blooms)... oh, oh...

  7. Other than learning new tricks, which Shiva loves the best because she gets to eat, I'd have to say her favourite is "run around in circles like a maniac." Followed closely by, keep-away. ;-)

    These photos are so cute! I can't wait to see more.

  8. @Penni - I'm cracking up at the thought of getting a cold nose on the hand. I guess one has to be prepared to live with whatever one reinforces with treats. :)

    @Dawn - Dewi loves balls more than anything, too. :)

    @Taryn - I'm getting the image of Dug from "up" in my head. "Squirrel, aka: Stick!" :) Dewi would give up his favorite game for chasing sheep, too.

    @Pamela - I hear ya. JF tugs so hard my shoulder gets sore. It would be interesting to see JF and Honey going at it on the same rope. :)

    @Janet - Naughty Scout!

    @Talking Dogs - Fetch a rose branch? Ouch!!!

    @Kristine - Running around in circles like a maniac can have advantages (it only takes one participant). :) Shiva's just got a different drum beat. :)

  9. Bella's favorite thing to do is also tug... I'm beginning to think she's secretly related to your boys!


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