Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way by Dewi - Fruity Soap

So the night before last - as I was milling around in the master bathroom - I heard The Hubby exclaim (in the dog version of his "what have you gotten into now" voice)...

The Hubby"Boys, what have you gotten into now!?!"

[cue slight groan as human lowers himself to carpet and slithers halfway under king size bed]


 Me [with dread]: "Yeah?"

[cue slight groan as human slithers out from under bed and stands up using only three limbs]

The Hubby (now standing in bathroom with outstretched arm and "how the heck did they get this?" look on his face): 
"How the heck did they get this?!?

(Meanwhile, Dewi is smacking his lips - as if he has peanut butter smeared on the roof of his mouth - with an ever-so-slight dollop of suds trailing down his left jowl.)

This is the part where I turn the blog over to Dewi and let him tell his story - in pictures.

I am not laughing, but my people seemed to think this was funny. P'shah.

Dogs, please pay close attention.

Any questions???

No dogs were physically harmed during the original incident or during the making of this blog post. The soap, however, needed a thorough rinsing due to dog slobber contamination. Oh yeah, and Dewi swiped the soap out of the walk-in shower when I had my back turned.


  1. I guess you won't have to brush Dewi's teeth this week. He probably got all the soap he needed.

  2. Funny! It reminded me of one of my favorite old stories....

    Be glad Dewi didn't actually eat the soap and only gummed it up a bit. Many, many years ago, when my first Cardi was a youngish pup, I had confined him to the bathroom when a "I don't really like dogs" person was visiting. It never occurred to me that he would be interested in the bar of soap on the tub edge. A bit later, the friend gone, I let him out. He was frantically thirsty (bad me, I hadn't put any water in the bathroom) and downed most of a bowl of water. In the meantime, I found soap crumbs here and there on the bathroom floor. I put 2 and 2 together and realized he was so thirsty because he just ate a full bar of soap! Now I was frantic and called the vet to be sure he wasn't poisoned as it was a deodorant bar. They assured me that he'd be OK, and that, in the "old days", they actually used soap to de-worm dogs. They said I would find out shortly what they meant. And sure enough, Dylan soon became very anxious to take a walk. We made it around the side of the bldg and he was barely squatting before one small turd came ROCKETING out his butt like cannon-fire, landing a foot away, followed by a huge pile of white soap foam! He waddled around and made several more foamy messes and then seemed no worse for wear. Had there been any worms, they definitely would have slip-slided their way to the exit!

  3. Hmm? Soap?? Never tried that. Do they do it in chicken flavour? Or Cheese?

    Love and licks, Winnie

  4. Hmmm judging from that little maths thingie you did, me thinks "somedog" ate a kiwi flavoured bar of soap. Must have tasted like fruit. And me thinks his insides are going to get a nice cleaning from all that soap he ingested.

  5. Now see? I learned my lesson--I put down my diet Coke before reading your blog post AND before reading Taryn's comment. Best ever post. When our first dog was young ( a Golden Receiver who never met a dishtowel he didn't bury in the neighbor's yard) ate a bar of Dove soap unbeknownst to us and when we awoke at 2AM to the the heaving and ho-ing that precedes dog barfing, we were both trying to pretend we were sleeping so the other one would have to get up--but when the dog finally barfed we both looked at each other and at the same moment said "Dove Soap?" Same foamy piles as Taryn's dog but from the front end...

  6. i've never even heard of dogs eating soap! unless they smell of lamb bones [my soaps don't because my faves are lemon myrtle, clay, coconut and sandalwood], i should have no fear of G ever deigning to snarfle soap!

    interesting that it was used for de-worming in the old days. glad it does no harm.

  7. Oh, fuuuudge.

    Except he didn't say fudge.

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  8. Fruity soap??
    Was it tasty Dewi??
    Kisses and hugs

  9. This is fun!

    @Pamela - No, his mouth was squeaky clean! And his breath, you might wonder? Like a sweet tropical breeze!

    @Taryn and Peggy - (Well, mostly Taryn this time) - I don't spray drinks; I'm a cryer and a pee-er. Thanks a lot. :)

    I will seek opportunities to share both your stories far longer than you can imagine. Who knew??? Talk about a colon cleansing. Who needs to go to a clinic for that? Just eat a bar of soap. (Cut me off, please.)

    @GLP's Typist - It smells really fruity and the boys LOVE fresh fruit. Yeah, and I'm the one who left the soap within Dewi's reach (thinking the same thing - surely he won't eat THAT). Well, he didn't, but he wanted to. :)

    @Chandra - Dewi might just be cured of his potty mouth now, too. :)

  10. Oh dear. Too funny! And the stories from Taryn and Peggy are just too much!


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