Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning with James Brown, er, Jon Farleigh - Get on The Good Foot

This blog post is in all kinds of bad taste; my apologies to everyone. :)

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!  [insert hairball]

Okay, so I heard THIS SONG* (link to YouTube opens in a new window) on my car radio earlier this morning and thought:
"Hmmm, this is a good song to hear on a Monday morning, but how can I make it work on the blog?..."

[insert me thinking]

I've got it! 

Have you ever wondered what you sound like to your pet dog (because everyone knows that cats don't listen)?
Two words:

Like so:

Musakk hek firly bibbidy bobbity boo dun BOYS!!!! heh heh katt GET DOWN!!!!  [insert hairball]

But with a delivery like James Brown's, how can they (our dogs) not want to get down???


Have a FUN-ky (like James Brown) day!!!

*Get on the Good Foot


  1. You think weird. But in a good way.

    My husband and I sometimes play a game on long car trips where we try to figure out what dog breed famous singers would be. For instance, kd lang would be a German Shepherd. Suzanne Vega is definitely a greyhound.

    James Brown as a Corgi, huh? I'll definitely consider.

  2. Thanks for being all nice about saying my thoughts are weird. :)

    I have to tell you I'm still trying to put K.D. Lang with a GSD (which, by the way, was my fave dog breed 'til I went bonkers for Cardis). I guess I can sorta see the facial similarities??

    Now if you're going on looks alone, James Brown has to be a Frenchie. :) Davy Jones? Maybe a Corgi.

  3. Get down with your funky self! We are dancing and singing along with you!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  4. Wyatt and Stanzie - I'm getting tickled imagining the two of you gettin' funky. :)


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